A Deeper Look at What Separates the Super Affiliates

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What separates people when it comes to skill levels at the world class level?

Let us use Chess as an example

Two guys could each have 5,000 hours of practice, but one would be an average player while another could reach Grandmaster status.

What could possibly account for the difference? And we’re not talking about innate talent or intelligence being a factor.

  • being mentored by an amazing coach.
  • The Software I Use To be More Productive – 2014

    As you may be aware, I am obsessed with improving  my productivity.

    There’s only 24 hours in a day and I want to make the most of each hour.

    When you’re spending all day on the computer like I am, the right software can make your life easier.

  • I brainstorm better because of MindManager
  • I effectively communicate and assign tasks to my team with Asana
  • Mo Money, Mo Problems – The Dark Side of Success

    “Mo Money, Mo Problems” – Biggie Smalls (rest in peace)

    I never understood what Biggie meant when he rapped about mo money, mo problems. When you’re rich all your problems go away, right? Why would I have more problems?

    Oh boy was I naive. When you’re make money and it is known, there will be people out there looking to sabotage what you’ve built or try to take advantage of you. The economy’s rough and people are money hungry out there.

    I wanted to write about this topic because it affects everyone, and no one really talks about it.

    Ngo’s Favorite Gear Volume 1

    People have enjoyed my book recommendations as of late so I thought I’d expand it to other products. I’m always on the hunt for buying cool things that make my life easier.

    I think seeing how someone spends their money, shows insights into what they value and what they’re focusing on.

    If you’ve bought anything useful I might be interested in checking out then please leave a comment.

    The Roost Stand

    What: Portable Laptop Stand

    9 Simple Ways to Have a More Productive and Successful Year

    Did you have a productive year?

    I’ve been having a few conversations with people lately where we reflected on how we did in 2013. A majority of people looked back in their year with regret.

    “I didn’t work hard enough”

    “I literally did nothing all year”

    “I wasted so much time”