Back to Basics: Mastering Angles

marketing angles

1. Back to Basics: Statistical Significance

Back to Basics is a series where I take fundamental concepts in affiliate marketing and make them easy to understand for beginners. 

How does BMW market their cars?

Their entire marketing is centered on how Bimmers are designed for a great driving experience. It doesn’t focus on the luxury, safety, or value; it markets itself as “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers are The Best Digital Marketers

The following is a guest post by my friend Jason Brown. I’ve known Jason since I started in this industry, and it is my privilege to share some knowledge from him with you guys. You can read more of his work at his blog, and his Twitter @leanvertising.

It’s no secret that some of the best direct digital marketers in the world have a background in affiliate marketing.

Much of the technology, strategy, and principles we use everyday as online marketers have their roots in the early days of adult affiliate marketing.

Back to Basics: Why You’re Making Bad Campaign Decisions

statistical significance

I am starting a new series on this blog called Back to Basics.

Are you a newbie or intermediate affiliate marketer? Then this is for you.

I know everyone wants to learn the flashy stuff – the tricks or secrets, but becoming a Super Affiliate is all about mastering the fundamentals.

That’s what this series is about. Getting back to the basics and building a solid base of knowledge for you to work off of.

Lets say I have a quarter, and I flip it five times.