Money Can’t Buy You Happiness…or Can It?

I saw two status updates on my newsfeed earlier today.

The first person wrote “Money can’t buy you happiness.”

A few minutes later someone else updated with, “Anybody tells you money is the root of all evil doesn’t fuckin’ have any. They say money can’t buy happiness? Look at the fuckin’ smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby.” (this was a quote from Boiler Room)

They both represent extreme sides and neither is correct.

The Current and the Future Plans for my Businesses

I’ve always been low key with my operations since starting the blog.

I don’t really like to talk about my business, my motivations for the blog, or what I have planned for the future. I’ve always believed that secrecy is an asset in this industry.

But I’m starting to see the value of transparency when connecting with readers so I’m going to open up a bit on this post.

Building a Super Team

I built an in-house team to help me run affiliate marketing campaigns back in 2009. Business was amazing and I knew having a team would be a huge competitive advantage.

Learn the Best Marketing in the World…For Free

learn marketing for free

The following is a guest post by my friend Malan Darras. You can find him on twitter and he blogs regularly at

As an affiliate marketer, part of your job is to constantly upgrade your skills and adapt with the times. You probably read some blogs, some books and emails to stay up to date on what’s working best right now.

But what you may not realize, is that one of the best resources for finding new marketing tricks (that actually work) is in your own experience online every day and even right now. Yes… You can learn marketing for free.

Charles Ngo Gets Interviewed on Two Podcasts

I was recently featured in two podcasts and wanted to share them with you. They are must listen if you are fans of my knowledge.

Episode 3 of The Affplaybook Podcast

David Ford interviewed me and grilled me on affiliate marketing theory, my favorite books, motivational theory, and more. 

Affplaybook Podcast Episode 3: Charles Ngo


Big Changes by Google to Affect Mobile Affiliate Marketers

Charles Ngo News (CNN)

Google has sent an email to Android app developers the other day with updates to Google play policy. You can read the email at Android Police.

There is one section (pictured above) that directly affects affiliates.

Here are my guesses on how this will affect mobile affiliates.