30 Day Challenge #3: Drink More Water

Previous 30 Day Challenges

1. Meditation

2. Daily Gratitude 

I’m about to finish the 30 day gratitude challenge from last month. 

It was easy to find things to be grateful for the first two weeks such as health, family, etc. But I noticed it became harder to find new things to be grateful for as time went on. After two weeks I had to sit down and think deeper about what I’m grateful for. 

The Leads Are Weak? Tips to Improving Your Lead Quality

“Fucking leads are weak? You’re weak!”

Every affiliate will experience this sooner or later.

After months of frustration you finally have a profitable campaign. You go to sleep dreaming about what you’re going to do with all the money that’s gonna roll in. But wait! As soon as you wake up you have emails, skypes, and whatsapp from your affiliate manager.

“You have to pause offer #93829. The advertiser doesn’t like your quality”

At this point you’re upset that the campaign has to pause (and you probably want to kill your affiliate manager)

Get More Done by Lunch, Then Others Do in 1 Day

I’m a huge fan of Chinese businessman Li Ka-Shing.

He’s known in Asia as Superman because of how fierce he is in business. Over the past few decades he has amassed a personal fortune of $29 billion dollars which makes him the richest man in the East. Even at 80+ years old he was tech savvy enough to invest in Facebook’s early days.

He is similar to Warren Buffet in that they’re smart as fuck, billionaires, they preach frugality, and are huge philanthropists.

Two years ago I read an article by him that gave me a big “ah-ha” moment.

Read it Here

30 Day Challenge #2: Start a Gratitude Journal

30 Day Challenge #1: Meditation

Who completed the meditation challenge? I’ve had a few messages from people who have completed it and experienced wonderful benefits. If you didn’t complete it then feel free to try again. No one’s keeping score or judging. 

Now that you’ve graduated to 10 minutes a day of meditation, I want to recommend a new program I’ve discovered called HeadSpace. It features guided meditation with some challenges. 

It’s a new month so lets move on to the next challenge if you’re ready.

Keeping a Gratitude Journal