Why I Moved Back to America After Living in Asia For 2 Years

It seems to be a right of passage for affiliate marketers each day. You become successful in the industry and immediately you start traveling (Bangkok or Chiang Mai most likely).

That was my initial goal. I didn’t dream about making a millions of dollars when I first started. My biggest influence was The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. All I wanted to do was make around $40,000 a year and go live cheap in Asia or South America.

[Audio] The Top 5 Misconceptions About Super Affiliates

Here’s a 15 minute audio on the top misconceptions about Super Affiliates.

I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look on what life’s like as a super affiliate. How much money do we make? Are all of our campaigns successful?

I feel understanding what life as a super affiliate is really like will help you set proper expectations and develop a strong mindset.

The Ingredients Needed for $10k+ a Day Campaigns

I was jumping on the couch when I hit my first $500 revenue a day back in March 2008. I’m a competitive guy, so I asked my affiliate manager what kind of numbers the top guys were doing.

He said, “The top guys generate $20,000+ a day in revenue.”

My newbie brain couldn’t comprehend how it was possible to hit those kinds of numbers when I was struggling to hit $500 a day. I thought, “Well, I just need 39 more of these campaigns to get there.”

My Goals and Direction for 2015

2015 is approaching.

A new year is an opportunity to re-visit our goals and direction, and to evaluate where we’re at in life.

Each year I write a post to help your achieve your goals and resolutions. You should read the ones I wrote in the previous year. They contain solid advice on setting goals and achieving them.

Strategies to Achieve Any Goal This Year