Powerful, Million Dollar Lessons I’ve Learned in 2015

It’s been a challenging year so far.

I entrusted my campaigns entirely to my affiliate team. I left the comforts of running affiliate marketing campaigns, and started a new company AFFcelerator. And I’ve been running both companies while spending over half the year traveling in Asia.

I was always busy before, but I’m operating at another level now.

Charles Interviews Mobile Super Affiliate Rio Lim

I went to Bangkok last week to hang out for a few days. While there, I met up with my good friend Rio Lim for a networking session and thought I’d shoot a quick video with him.

You guys are gonna love him. I’ve known Rio for a little over a year and this guy has an amazing story. Think it’s too late to be a super affiliate? Your loss. Check out his video below!

In the video we talk about mobile traffic sources, but not specific ones.

If you’re going to be running mobile campaigns, you need to know where to buy your traffic.

The 10 Principles of Success

FINALLY….The NGO….has come back…. to blogging!

Missed me?

It’s been 3 months since I’ve posted any serious content on the blog. I’ve been busy traveling and working on my AFFcelerator workshops. Now it’s May and I’m ready to get back into dropping knowledge bombs here.

I was on vacation on Koh Samui, Thailand a few days ago and I wanted to shoot a video covering some principles of success.