Why I Stopped Working From Home and Opened an Office

I hated working in an office a few years ago.

I didn’t like wasting time in traffic. I felt “trapped” having to go an office each day.

Once I made it in affiliate marketing, I worked at home for a few years. It felt amazing to work in my pajamas and only spend 5 seconds to get to my office.

Here’s What’s Missing in Your International Campaigns

One of my favorite parts of traveling is to see how American companies adapt overseas.

Some don’t even adapt at all – they pretty much copy & paste their stores.

The smart ones will put in the extra work to localize their offerings to the country. For example, Starbucks just opened up in Vietnam last year. They added in Vietnamese style coffees to the menu.

Checklist: Charles Ngo’s Daily Routines

Here’s a checklist of what I do on a daily basis.

Why are routines and rituals important?

As much as 40% of our behavior each day is automated and due to habits. By constructing routines, we’re taking control of our lives.

We’re paying attention and doing what matters.

You can take a look at my routines that there’s a HUGE emphasis on health.