My Goals and Direction for 2015

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

2015 is approaching.
A new year is an opportunity to re-visit our goals and direction, and to evaluate where we’re at in life.
Each year I write a post to help your achieve your goals and resolutions. You should read the ones I wrote in the previous year. They contain solid advice on setting goals and achieving them.
Strategies to Achieve Any Goal This Year
9 Simple Ways to Have a More Productive and Successful Year
Between those two articles you have more enough information to have a kick-ass year. I wanna start the year off by sharing with you some of my personal goals and direction.

1. More Cardio

I’ve been working building muscle the past two years. In that time I was able to bulk up from 135lbs -> 165lbs. This is as big as I want to be at my height, and now I want to improve other areas of my health.
The 5 components of physical health are

  • cardiovascular endurance
  • muscle strength
  • muscle endurance
  • flexibility
  • body composition

The two areas I’m weakest in are my cardio and my flexibility.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women. I realize I gotta do my best to stay alive so I can take care of those I care about.
I’m going to start doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) three times a week. Most people think of cardio as running on the treadmill for 45 minutes. HIIT is a more efficient method of cardio and only takes 15-20 minutes. Here’s an easy routine to get you started.
Later on this year I want to get back into mixed martial arts. I’ve trained in BJJ, Boxing, and Muay Thai before, and they are some of the toughest workouts on earth.
Not only is it good cardio, but I want to push myself mentally. It takes tremendous willpower to get your ass kicked, and come back for more the next day.

2. More Fruits & Vegetables

I don’t eat as much fruit and vegetables as I should. It’s one of those goals everyone says they should do, but nothing really comes out of it.
I went ahead and bought myself a Vitamix blender to make fruit / vegetable smoothies. The machine came in a few days ago and holy shit I’ve been making smoothies better than the stores.
Here’s Recipe I LOVE
1 Cup Spinach
1 Medium Banana
.75 Cup Frozen Blueberries
.5 Cup Silk Almond Milk
1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds
317 Calories
54g Carbs
4g Fat
19G Protein
I’m going to experiment with Kale soon, but it’s awesome I have a system now to get my fruit and vegetables in each day.

3. Better Design in My Life

I love good design. I developed this sudden interest after re-designing the blog and staying at some beautiful hotels the past few months.
I feel happier when I’m around good design, and I think it’s an aspect of life that’s under appreciated.
I’m going to spend some money to improve the decor of my home and office. I’m going to put a little more effort into the way I dress. I’m also going to weigh design more heavily when I buy a product.
Another benefit of being design-minded is you become more organized, and a complete neat freak.

4. More Charity Work

I was in Vietnam a few weeks ago eating lunch with my girlfriend.
I looked over and saw some kids collecting empty cans for money. The kids looked up at me and told me they were hungry. The restaurant wouldn’t let me bring them in, so I just told them to climb up. I ordered them some food and the little homies killed it.
I live in my own bubble sometimes. I’m either working at home, at the gym, or traveling. It’s easy to forget that life is not all sunshine and rainbows for everyone.
I haven’t done much charity work the past few years. I use to volunteer in the “big brother” program, but I had to end that when I moved overseas to Asia.
Now I’ve developed a following so I hope to use my influence to do some good this year. I want to do some kind of charity drive in 2015 and I hope that you guys can contribute. I’m going to find a cause I feel strongly about, and I’ll make sure the charity is legit according to CharityNavigator.
I also want to do some volunteer work. Actual real work…not show up at an orphanage for 1 hour and take some pictures for Facebook.
I don’t know what I’ll be doing yet, but the first step is intention.
I use to have the mentality that I’d donate money or volunteer in the future, but there’s power in now. Whatever good I can do now, the effect will compound over time. 

5. Dive Deep into Travel Hacking

I’ll be flying internationally a lot in 2015 for personal travel, and for my AFFcelerator workshops.
Travel hacking means to maximize credit card points for free or upgraded travel. I have friends who make $35k’ish a year, but are flying and traveling around the world for free.
Travel is rough for me because I’m based in Atlanta, and I spend 1/3 of the year in Asia. I’ve only been into this for a few weeks but I’ve already booked all my flights to Asia this year in first class for free (minus fuel surcharges / taxes)
Some people rack up points by signing up for credit cards and getting bonuses. Affiliate marketers have a nice advantage because we can earn massive points through buying paid traffic.
Once I’m familiar enough with travel hacking I’m going to make a introductory post for you guys. What the best credit cards are for racking up points as an affiliate marketer, the best ways to redeems the points, and how to rack up points if you’re just an average joe without a business.
Affiliate marketing and traveling go hand in hand so I think many of you guys will benefit from this!

6. Collect More Data

I love tracking data and will be taking it to the next level this year.
On the personal side we’re going to be measuring more KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Most affiliate marketers just measure their profits on a day to day basis. There are so many other metrics that tell you the story behind the profits and losses.
I’m going to get my programmer to build out a custom dashboard to track some of these KPI’s. I’ll have this displayed on the TV in our office 24 / 7 like a scoreboard.
On the personal side I’ll be getting the new Jawbone UP3 when it comes out to help automate some tracking.
Some data I want to be measuring:

  • My weight
  • My sleep
  • The # of steps I take
  • My expenses / spending
  • Internet usage with RescueTime
  • My daily habits
  • etc.

Keep in mind that you’re not going to be able to keep track of everything overnight. Some of these habits I’ve built over years, and I keep adding layers. I’m always looking at my systems and trying to ease the friction it takes to track.
I want to have a single dashboard that can keep track of all the data. There are some apps out there that can do this. If I can’t find one I like then I’ll have one custom build for me.

7. Optimize My Brain

I have a good handle on my physical health. This year I want to take things to the next level with my brain. If you think about it, being smarter is the best competitive advantage you can have.

  • Study more psychology, decision making, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • Experiment more with Nootropics aka smart drugs. I don’t feel comfortable writing about this subject in public, but if I know you then feel free to ask me privately about what I take.  I’ll also take more natural supplements such as fish oil, gingseng, etc.
  • Develop a brain optimization system. I’m going to leave this vague since I’m experimenting.
  • Develop some new skills and study new subjects. The brain loves it you learn new skills.
  • etc.

Excited to share what I learn this year about the brain!


2014 was an amazing year for me but I need to take it to the next level.
The blog is exploding in growth and I feel like there’s a spotlight on me now. I love all the comments I received on my birthday, but now I feel so much pressure on myself.
I feel people’s image of “Dr Ngo” is much higher than who I am, but I’m going to rise up to the challenge.
The strongest motivation comes from within. I raise the bar on myself. I challenge myself. Life’s like an RPG and I’m just trying to hit the max level in the game.
I challenge you to step it up.
You’re feeling hungry. You’re motivated. Keep that feeling going the next 364 days. You WILL fail. You will fall off the wagon. Whats important is to jump back on.
Maybe you’re not where you want to be. I’m not either. Don’t beat yourself up over. It’s in the past now, and what matters is what you do today. What you do tomorrow.
Don’t blame your parents. Don’t blame the mistakes you made years ago. Don’t blame the system. You are where you’re at because of you. You are in control of your own destiny, and you are capable of greatness.
– Ngo

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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