Why Aren’t More Affiliate Marketers Building Lists?

What do you think is the biggest downside of being an affiliate marketer?

Common answers I’ve heard:

1. The competition ripping your campaigns

2. The up and down of the industry

3. Working alone all day in your basement

Getting Things Done in a Distracted World and Deep Work

My ability to concentrate has been getting destroyed the past decade – deep work is harder than ever.

I do everything right externally: I block social media when I’m working, and I’m working in focused time blocks.

But what about the internal distractions? In the middle of a work session, my mind will feel this “itch.” I wanna check the latest replies to my Twitter, or I wanna do a quick google search on something. These thoughts throw me off when I’m trying to concentrate on my task.

Here’s Why Your Offer’s Not Converting

It doesn’t matter how great your landing pages, ads, and angles are if the offer you’re running sucks. 

Affiliates have a tough time picking out what offers to test out. And if one is performing better than another, they don’t know why one offer will outperform another.

Years ago I had an offer that was doing 120% ROI. Everything was great, and my affiliate manager told me to test out this “hot” new offer. I took a look at the landing page and said nope.

The page was hideous. It had typos. The payout was 15% lower.

2016: The Year of Essentialism

It’s not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials – Bruce Lee

Less is More – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

My life changed when I discovered productivity.

Before I had mountains and mountains of tasks. I’d procrastinate, and hated my to-do list. Once I became more productive I could slice through my tasks like a ninja.

The problem is, the tasks just keep piling on and on and piling.