How to Achieve More /w Less Effort – The Pareto Principle

Do you know why I’m so obsessed with productivity?

It’s because I’m lazy. Seriously. I wanna know how I can achieve the most results, with the least amount of effort involved.

And what’s the biggest waste of energy?

Working on things that don’t make much of an impact on your goals. Sounds like common sense right? Yet I guarantee you’re wasting time on the little tactics that don’t matter.

7 Ways to Improve How You Make Decisions in Life

Your life is the result of your decisions.

Most of us should learn how to make better decisions.

If that’s the case then wouldn’t it make sense to improve your ability to make better choices in life? It’s surprising that most people don’t even think about how they make decisions.

And things can become worse because people will avoid making a choice because they’re scared of making a mistake.