Create More Profitable Angles /w This 1 Weird Trick

I was talking to a newbie I met at a conference recently and he asked me an interesting question.

“Why are there only about 5 different landers in spy tools for any vertical?”

Here’s what I responded:

1. Because most affiliates are lazy (don’t complain about it, take advantage of it). Instead of making better angles / landing pages, they focus on other parts of their campaigns

5 Ways to Come Up With a Million Dollar Business

How many of you guys want to start a business, but you’re waiting for that one great idea?

I used to think that way. I thought me starting a business would require:

1. A genius business idea that no one’s ever thought about before. (And when I see someone else with a great business I think, “Why didn’t I think about that?”)

2. Me having to raise money or borrow a huge loan from the bank

Low on Cash? Here are the Affiliate Tools You NEED

Monthly Affiliate Marketing Budget: $500

Monthly cost of affiliate marketing services / software: $450

Money leftover for running traffic: $50

If this looks anything remotely similar to your situation then you’re doing it wrong.

I know you’re eager to make money, and you want every advantage you can get. The right tool or service can save you time and money.

The Affiliate Marketing Dictionary

I was so confused the first few months that I tried to learn affiliate marketing.

My main source of information at the time was forums. I was like an outsider eavesdropping on everyone’s conversation.

I had one big problem – I couldn’t understand any of the terms people were using. It was as if affiliate marketing was a secret society with its own language. And it’s not like I could go to urbandictionary to easily find out what something meant.