How to Get Accepted Into Affiliate Networks [Newbie Guide]

Get accepted into affiliate network

It’s a weird feeling to have to be approved to help people make money.

One important part of this whole affiliate process is to work with an affiliate network.

Remember, affiliate networks are like the “marketplaces” for hundreds / thousands of offers.

But why is it so tough to get into affiliate networks when you’re a newbie?

It seems crazy – you wanna make them money right?

How I Helped My Housekeeper Double Her Profits

small business strategy

I’ve been working with my housekeeper in Miami for over a year. (Let’s call her Maria.)

She comes over every Thursday. She turns my place from “Got hit by a tornado” to “ready for a magazine shoot”.

I was sipping on my morning coffee when she asked me,

“Charles, I think you are good with business. Can you please help me?.”

Her business is going through tough times because she just lost her biggest client.

The 12 Best Shopify Apps For Dropshipping Ecommerce Stores

Best shopify apps

If you wanna make a lot of money from Shopify dropshipping, you need a lot more than just the Shopify store.

Getting your store set up is the easy part.

Converting visitors into buyers is where you need to spend your time.

The #1 secret to making money in ecommerce is the Shopify apps that your store uses.

The right apps are the difference between -100% ROI and being able to leave your job.

The Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Shopify, Facebook & E-commerce

There’s been a lot of talk about Shopify dropshipping in the affiliate world over the past year.

You may have heard snippets about how people are crushing e-commerce.

It’s true. As an affiliate marketer, you wanna make sure that you’re on top of trends. If you hop on the trends too slow, then you’re only making it harder on yourself.

I first heard about Shopify + E-commerce in late 2015.