Tools to Help You Manage a Remote Team

manage remote team

I’ve been back and forth between having an office vs running a remote team for years.

I can say that there is no best – you gotta figure out what works for you.

I moved to New York City earlier this year and running remote has saved me a ton of overhead.

You know how much an office in NYC costs? Or if every single employee I had lived in NYC?

Plus I’m not even sure how long I wanna stay in this. I like the freedom / flexibility of running a remote team.

An Easy Way to Find Profitable Placements (Before You Launch)

You’ve been spending the past few days preparing for a campaign.

Your affiliate manager says it’s hot, and you’ve done your research.

Everything’s ready to rock and roll!

But when you finally launch it you’re losing money, or you might not even be getting enough conversions to start split-testing.

What happened?

Why Do Some People Spend $1,200 on Handbags?

One of my first marketing lessons came when I was 18 years ago.

I was working at a gas station and one of my co-workers came in with a brand new handbag.

Everyone was making a big deal out of it because it was a “Louis Vuitton” bag that cost $1,200.

I had no idea what Louis Vuitton was at the time. (Trust me, you’ll know what LV is after dating a few Asian girls).

But I did the math and it didn’t add up.