How Much Should You Pay Your Media Buyers?

One good media buyer could be your ticket to early retirement.

One bad affiliate marketer / media buyer could bankrupt you.

The difference comes down to paying them right, so you get the most bang for your buck and making sure they don’t steal your campaigns.

There’s never been a better time for the quote:

“You get what you pay for”.

Improve Your Video Ads: 10 Lessons You Can Use from Studying Infomercials

Create video ads that sell like Bily Mays

I’m not much of a Thighmaster kinda guy, but I’ve seen a few infomercials in my time.

When I was a teenager I wondered why anybody would buy the stuff they sell. Vegetable graters, Ginsu knives, magic blenders, Shamwow, and 7 minute ab machines?

I thought: Overhyped garbage with sleazy salesmen.

But now that I have a decade of affiliate marketing experience under my belt, I can see the marketing matrix now.

Black Friday Deal: Adplexity 35% Off Lifetime

adplexity discount

It’s that time of the year.

20 emails /day pitching you the deal of the century.

The biggest problem with sales is that we fool ourselves into thinking we’re saving money… But we would never buy the product if it wasn’t on sale in the first place.

My philosophy with sales is that they are great…  If I was gonna buy the thing anyway.

That’s the reason for this blog post.

What is Epacket Shipping? The Ecommerce Dropshipping Solution

“Where is my damn fidget spinner? It’s been 5 weeks and still NOTHING. I want my money back right now or else I’m calling the cops.”

This is the #1 problem newbies have with Shopify dropshipping.

They are terrified that people are gonna rip them to pieces because the shipping times suck.

Someone orders something from their drop shipping site…and it takes foreeeeeeever to arrive. Like Lord of the Rings Extended Edition forever.

My First MANCATION – Ice Baths and Knowledge Bombs

mancation ideas and destination

Friend: What’s the feeling you want everyone to walk away from this event with?

Me: Sexual exhaustion.

Group: *Laughs*

Me: I want everyone walking away from this event with new friendships, and knowing that you’re not alone in this journey to crush life.

The idea of the mancation came from a trip that my friend Thanh and I took to Colombia last year.