4 Killer 2018 Black Friday Deals for Affiliate Marketers

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

I moved from Miami to New York City a few years ago.

During that move, I ended up with boxes and boxes of “stuff” that I either gave away or threw in the trash.
I can’t believe how much useless shet I bought over the years, and how much damage I was doing to the environment.
It made me take minimalism more seriously and realize I didn’t need so much “stuff” to be happy.

Anyways, Black Friday is here – I know you’re being blasted with a ton of different deals.

Instead of buying stuff you probably don’t need, why not invest in your business?

I really do think that the 3 best uses of money are buying time, investing in ways to make more, and unique experiences.
My team spent the past few weeks curating different deals, and some are exclusive for you guys.
These are real deals and savings – not the kind where people jack up the prices a few days before and call it a “deal”.
Lets get into it
Note: Some are going to last until Monday, while others are only for 24 hours. Check the link for the details.

Deal #1: Thrive Tracker (Affiliate Tracking Software)

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Tracking your data is essential if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer.
How are you going to make money if you’re not sure EXACTLY which ads are converting?
Or imagine if the campaign doesn’t convert during certain times of the day and you’re running it 24 / 7.
You’re burning money.
I’ve recommended Voluum for years. The problem is they recently upped their prices to $300 and made it unaffordable for a lot of affiliate marketers.
So a lot of people have been asking me for recommendations on a more affordable tracking solution.
I recommend Thrive. They’ve been around for several years and have a solid track record.
For Black Friday they’re offering some amazing deals:

  • Cloud Pro – $75/month (regularly $275/month)
  • Cloud Entrepreneur – $125/month (regularly $425/month)
  • Cloud Enterprise – $499/month (regularly $899/month)

NOTE: When checking out, use the code THRIVEBF18 to ensure you get the deal
The offer is valid between November 23rd and November 30th. 
⇒ Click here to take advantage of this deal

Deal #2: MGID Native Ad Network

I’m a big fan of the guys at MGID, and even went so far as to let them do a guest post, which I almost never do. When it comes to helping affiliates succeed with native advertising, these guys are legit.
They work closely affiliates to help them optimize almost every part of their campaigns, including:

  • Help you place the best bids to get the most amount of quality traffic
  • Help you optimize campaigns on the fly
  • Help you adjust the traffic flow to focus on the most effective publishers
  • Help you cut out non-performing publishers
  • Help with your ad creation. They even have designers that can create/upgrade your ad units for better CTRs. Higher CTR = Lower CPC = Higher ROI.

For Black Friday, they’re offering:

  • Deposit $750 and get $250 for free
  • Deposit $1,500 and get $500 for free

This extra amount can give you the budget and buffer you need to fully optimize a campaign and ensure that it’s highly profitable. As I’ve said before, it’s hard to succeed on a small budget.
This is your chance to get a bigger budget…for free.
⇒ Click here to take advantage of this offer

Deal #3: Adplexity Spy Tool

You may have heard of Adplexity, but maybe you aren’t familiar with all the details.
If you’re new to affiliate marketing, here’s the 80/20.
Adplexity is a spy tool, and it’s a HUGE time saver.
You need to be able to see what your competition is doing. Maybe they created a new landing page that has a killer conversion rate. Or maybe they found an offer that is absolutely killing it.
You need to know this so that you can reap some of those profits.
Before Adplexity was created you had to do all the spying manually. This involved:

  • Going to sites that have ads,
  • Screenshotting / downloading the ads
  • Changing up your IP and refreshing the page
  • Rinse and repeat about 20 times on different sites

Adplexity does all this for you and then pulls the results into a single dashboard. It saves so much time and work.
Screenshot at Mar 31 11 46 38
But it gets even better. You can actually go to a live landing page and download an exact copy of it.
You can click on the links and see which offers they are promoting, and how long that exact iteration of the landing page has been live.
You can see why I recommend Adplexity so highly. It gives you a ton of industry insight which is gonna make you more money.
For Black Friday they are offering up to 40% off their products…for life.

  • AdPlexity Mobile: -35% off. $129 a month for life.
  • AdPlexity Desktop: -35% off. $129 a month for life.
  • AdPlexity Native: -40% off. $149 a month for life.
  • AdPlexity Adult: -35% off. $129 a month for life.
  • AdPlexity Carriers: -30% off. $99 a month for life.

⇒ Click here to take advantage of this deal

Deal #4: Bluehost Webhosting

pasted image 0 1
As an affiliate, you need pages that load fast, have a 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and are completely secure. After all, if a visitor comes to your landing page and it loads slowly or doesn’t load at all, that’s lost money.
That’s why I recommend Bluehost web hosting. They make it super easy to install WordPress (if necessary), they offer great support, and they have a plan that fits every budget.
For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they’re offering:

  • $2.65/month for the Basic Plan
  • $4.45/month for the Plus and Choice Plus Plans
  • $9.95/month for the Pro Plan
  • $5.95/month for WooCommerce Hosting
  • $16.95/month for WordPress Pro Hosting
  • Other products will be discounted including 50% off select Domains (.com, .org, .net, .co, .biz)

⇒ Click here to take advantage of this deal
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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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