Understanding and using Facebook Campaign Objectives

I consider Facebook to be the best traffic source in the world.

Besides the massive volume, no other place offers the massive amount of targeting options that they do.

The problem?

If you’re learning it from scratch then it can be information overload.

2018 Edition: My Latest Health Hacks and Gadgets

I was 18 years old.

My goal was to build muscle. Everyone has their body goals. Mine was to be mean, and lean like Bruce Lee. 

I trained like an animal 5 times per week. I was even using routines written by Arnold that I saw in a magazine.

But despite my best efforts, I wasn’t gaining muscle. I was tired all the time, and getting frustrated.

What’s Hot? Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2018

Here’s one thing I HATE about the New Year: I get bombarded with questions about my “predictions for what’s hot in affiliate marketing in 2018.”

I can understand why people ask me this: no one wants to miss any upcoming waves, and no one wants to waste valuable time in a dying niche.

Just remember that information is one of the most influential currencies in the industry. Spend time networking, attending conferences, spying on the competition, and doing your analysis, so you’re always up to date with the latest news.

How Blockchain Technology Can Change Affiliate Marketing

It’s Cryptomania right now.

I can’t even get a haircut or take an Uber ride without someone talking about Bitcoin.

It’s a fantastic piece of technology, but most of the conversation is based on it as an investment.

“Which coin can I buy to 10x my investment?”

“What’s the next ripple?”