The Ketogenic Diet: What I Learned From Two Months of Zero Carbs

I’m addicted to experimenting.

At any given time, I’m performing some sort of experiment in order to improve my life. I’ve tried out polyphasic sleep, I do float tank sessions every month, and I drink bulletproof coffee every morning.

But the ONE area of my life I’ve never experimented with much was my diet.

I’ve always known that your diet is a huge lever – but I LOVE food.

Vegetarian? How can I live without meat?

Lonely From Working at Home? Here’s How to Deal With it

You already know by now why most people want to become affiliate marketers.

You either want to make Lamborghini money, or you want the freedom that comes along with one.

One huge motivation for me is that I wanted to work from home.

That meant:

  • No more ironing my dress clothes for work every morning.
  • 9 Reasons Why Facebook Rejects Your Ads (and How to Prevent it)

    Facebook’s the gold standard in advertising. It has the largest volume of quality traffic in the world and the most advanced targeting. 

    But running traffic on Facebook can sometimes feel like you’re in a horrible one-sided, relationship. 

    Run FB for a few years and it starts feeling like Stockholm syndrome. 

    First, they’re always getting mad at you and won’t tell you why. Come on, tell me why my ads got rejected! I’ll change, I swear!