The Back Button Redirect: a Huge Edge in Mobile Campaigns

Every advantage matters when you’re an affiliate marketer.

Campaigns are a competition, and whoever has a higher profit margin can capture more of a market.

We need every advantage possible since we’re not making money off the backend.

I notice a lot of newbies think there’s a “magic” bullet to a winning campaign. I think of it more like a combination of a bunch of “little” advantages that add up.

6 New Facebook Features You Need To Know In 2018

I deleted my personal Facebook account a long time ago. It’s such a TIME SUCK.

Is it really the best use of my time to take a quiz about which Overwatch character I am? Probably not (even though I’m sure I’m a Zenyatta).

Plus, the more I use Facebook, then the more data they collect on me which is kinda creepy.


…and this is important…

Having Problems Taking Action? It Could Be Psychological

If you ask for affiliate marketing advice, one common saying will pop up over and over again:

Take Action.

It’s 100% true,  but it’s much easier said than done.

I got an email last week from a reader who’s frustrated with affiliate marketing. He said he’s been in this space for over three years and hasn’t made a dime.

According to him, he’s done everything!!!

3 Simple Ways To Build Your Facebook Pixel and Custom Audience

In every sport, there are certain “fundamentals” that you have to master in order to be successful.

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you need to master a “hip escape” which helps you escape from bad positions.

Basketball players must master passing, and soccer requires great dribbling.

When you’re first starting out, it might be tempting to try and learn all the flashy moves. But you won’t get far in anything unless you master the basics first.

SmartLinks 101: How to Monetize More of Your Mobile Traffic

If you want to make money in mobile traffic, you can’t have the same mindset you would a desktop campaign.

They’re two completely different worlds.

Let me share an example.

Your affiliate manager pings you with a HOT mobile offer. It’s getting insane EPC’s.

The catch? It only accepts traffic from one carrier (pretty common for the top pin submit offers).