The Facebook Marketer’s Checklist For Creating High-Converting Ads

I learned an expensive lesson a few years ago.

I had a flight overseas and I rushed my packing. I showed up at the airport, and I forgot that I needed a Visa.

They wouldn’t let me board the flight.

It was a nightmare situation. I had to pay $200 to file an emergency Visa and another $150 to catch a standby flight (which took 8 hours).

I vowed never to make that mistake again.

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Training Brazilian Jiujitsu

I achieved a goal last week that I’ve been chasing for close to a decade.

After eight years of training off and on, 600+ hours of mat time, five competitions, and three different academies, I finally achieved my blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

And what’s really meaningful is that I was given the belt by my professor, Marcelo Garcia, considered by many to be the greatest practitioner ever.

See Marcelo’s video here.

See, I’m a small and unathletic nerd.

Gap Analysis: a Strategic Way of Achieving More Goals

How can you be happy?

Google this and you’ll find a bajillion articles from life coaches, each with their own set of tips, strategies, and weird practices (like thanking your clothes after you wear them – seriously).

I have a much simpler answer – one that doesn’t involve having conversations with your clothes.

Check it out:

There’s who you are right now, and there’s who you want to be.

How To Unlock The Super Power Of Facebook Behavioral Targeting

Let me totally honest for a second: Facebook advertising should probably be illegal.

I hope it never happens because it’s awesome for affiliate marketers.


Because it gives you the power to be a mind reader. You can be like Professor X.

You can know what people like, the kinds of things they buy, the music they listen to, and their favorite restaurants.