Why Google Might Flag Your Landing Page (and What to Do About it)

What’s one of your biggest fears when you’re buying paid traffic?

For me, it’s an error happening on my landing page while I’m busy.

I remember times where I’ve lost money overnight because the server crashed while I was sleeping. Your landing page may be down, but the traffic source is still going to keep sending those clicks.

But besides the server crashing, there’s another error you might face as an affiliate marketer.

4 Ways To Upgrade Your People Skills and Relationships

What skills do you need to be successful in affiliate marketing?

The obvious ones are copywriting, analytic skills, problem-solving, split testing, etc.

But over the years, there’s one skill I’ve discovered that’s really, really important – a skill most people don’t think about:


Here’s what I mean:

There’s No Easy Path – Pick Your Poison

This has been an interesting decade – I’ve never seen more opportunity for your average person to become an entrepreneur.

You don’t need permission from anyone to start making money.

People have gotten rich from affiliate marketing, e-commerce, creating apps/software, cryptocurrency, creating content on YouTube, and the list keeps going on.

But with so much opportunity it can be easy to become “overwhelmed” with finding the right idea. In fact, I’ve seen people get into a state of analysis paralysis and end up never taking any action at all.

Read These 10 Books to Become a Better Copywriter

Want to make serious cash as an affiliate marketer? Of course you do.

Then you need to master the art of copywriting.

Copywriting is using words to persuade people to click, to read, and to ultimately buy. It’s part art, part science, part psychology, and part magic.

It’s the difference between the please-punch-me-this-is-so-boring ad and the one that has a huge CTR. It’s the difference between a 5% and 20% conversion rate on a landing page. It’s the difference between making $50/day and $1,000/day.

The 8 Best Affiliate Marketing Trackers Compared [2018 Edition]

Tracking your data is essential if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

How are you going to make money if you’re not sure EXACTLY which ads are converting?

Or imagine if the campaign doesn’t convert during certain times of the day and you’re running it 24 / 7.

You’re burning money.

Let me break it down for you: