What Ten Years in Affiliate Marketing Has Taught Me

Ten years ago, I took a week off from my job to attend Affiliate Summit East.

At that time I was making more money from affiliate marketing than my job…but I didn’t have the courage to quit.

I spent a few days hanging out with other affiliates at the conference, and then I wrote my two-week notice letter on the airplane ride home.

I wasn’t a caged lion ready to be released into the jungle – more like a timid meerkat peeking around the corner.

How to Make Money with Native Ads (Featuring Three Case Studies)

Note from Ngo: “This is a guest post by MGID with a bunch of editing by me. I normally don’t feature guest posts on this blog, but the information they provided is gold. “
If you’ve ever advertised with Facebook / Google, then you’ve probably had your account banned at some point (or you’re fearing it).

If you’re doing anything remotely shady, then you have to be ahead of their technology to sneak under their radar with your cloakers.

AdPlexity eCommerce 2018 Review: The Best Product Research Tool for Shopify

Love em or hate em – “spy tools” are a big part of affiliate marketing now.

It’s an easy way for you to stay on top of trends, get ideas for your own campaigns, and they can even help you reverse engineer other people’s campaigns.

Instead of going in “blind”, you can use these tools to easily see what ads, offers, and landing pages that your competition is running.

There are a lot of tools out there, but I think Adplexity makes the best products out there easily.