A Step by Step Guide on Retargeting Ads on Facebook

Back in the “good old days”, you used to be able to run ads and get clicks for pennies.

It was fantastic.

Put up an ad, throw a couple hundred dollars into it, and you could create a tsunami of traffic for your offer.

But the good old days are gone, and running ads on Facebook is getting more and more expensive. There’s more competition than ever (and because apparently being a multi-billionaire isn’t good enough for Mark Zuckerberg…)
But if you know the right tactics, you can seriously drive DOWN your ad costs and INCREASE your ROI.

4 Reasons Why Campaigns Die Over Time (and What to Do About it)

Everyone loves the idea of “passive income.”

You put the work into building an asset, and then you start earning paychecks doing pretty much nothing.

Will Smith gets passive income from the show Fresh Prince even though it ended 20 years ago. Some musicians get royalties everytime their song is used in a commercial.

8 Powerful Business Lessons You Can Learn From Amazon

My socks have been slowly disappearing for the past few months.

I’m not sure if the washing machine has been eating them, or my dog Romeo has been secretly hoarding them.

But I needed to buy some socks, and I didn’t feel like walking to Marshall’s. So I went to Amazon Prime and ordered some Adidas socks.

A few hours later, I got a notification that my socks arrived.