Structure is the Key to Success

In 2008, a plumber decided to quit his job and train in mixed martial arts full-time. He was going to pursue his dreams of becoming a UFC champion.

Over the next few years, he trained hard and battled his way through the local circuits.

Win after win finally led to him getting his UFC title shot in 2015. If he could win this match, he’d become a champion.

Standing in his way was Jose Aldo.

4 Killer 2018 Black Friday Deals for Affiliate Marketers

I moved from Miami to New York City a few years ago.

During that move, I ended up with boxes and boxes of “stuff” that I either gave away or threw in the trash.

I can’t believe how much useless shet I bought over the years, and how much damage I was doing to the environment.

It made me take minimalism more seriously and realize I didn’t need so much “stuff” to be happy.

The Top 5 Books I’ve Read in 2018 (and my Biggest Takeaways)

The 4 Hour Work Week gave me the motivation to start my own business one day.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win taught me how to think in systems.

Tested Advertising Methods introduced me to the concept of split-testing.

It’s crazy to think where my life would be if I didn’t develop the reading habit.

Why a Small Budget Will Hold You Back

Someone sent me an email about their frustrations in starting affiliate marketing.

What’s going on?

He’s a college student on a tight budget.

Sure he’s motivated to start, but his total budget’s only $250.

He wants to know what the “hack” or the “secret” was to making affiliate marketing work with $250.

GUIDE: How You Can Use Push Notifications to Increase Your Affiliate Revenue

There’s one feature I HATE on smartphones.

Every time I install a new app, I make sure to turn off all notifications. If I don’t do that, then I’m going to be a zombie checking my phone every few minutes.

Lets just say that push notifications work REALLY well. Think about it. Whenever your phone buzzes, it gets your attention.

And here’s the good news!