My Experiences in New York City

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I even went to university here.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to live in different cities.

My parents were refugees from Vietnam. Eventually, they decided to move to Atlanta because one of my Dad’s cousins was out here. When you’re in a new country without any money and you don’t speak the language, that one connection can make the difference.

So that’s how I ended up in Atlanta.

Some Things I’ve Changed My Mind About in Business

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and the host asked the guest an interesting question:

“What business beliefs did you strongly hold before, but you have since changed your mind about?”

This is a powerful question because shows how someone can adapt and evolve.

I always think it’s dumb when people brag about how they’ve “never changed.”

My core value in life is progress.