Newbies, these things don’t really matter in affiliate marketing

One of my friends is an amazing chef.

I think he’d kill it if he were on top of those top chef TV shows.

A few years ago he decided to take a huge leap in his career – he was going to build his first restaurant from scratch.

Most new restaurants fail within a few years, so I told him I’d be here if he needed any advice. I don’t know anything about the restaurant industry, but I’m sure I could give him some marketing advice at least. 

The 22 Immutable Laws of Affiliate Marketing [Part 2]

Affiliate marketing is always changing.

I’ve always said that this industry ages like a dog – a year here is like seven years out in the “real world.”

There are going to be new rules, regulations, market innovations, and increasing competition. All that added up means that what’s working now might not be working two years from now.

It’s natural to wonder what’s going to be hot. What’s the next big thing? If you can figure that out, then you can get a head start on everyone else.

How to Do Market Research For Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

“Know your enemy, and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster” – Sun Tzu
I love watching movies about war.

Everyone loves the action and the fighting scenes, right?

I’m kinda weird because I love everything that happens way before that.

I love when they’re sending out spies to learn more about the enemy. It’s fascinating to watch the leaders look at a map and devise a battle strategy.