The 7-Step E-Commerce Homepage Framework for Maximum Branding and Conversions

As direct response marketers, we’ve always focused on one thing – getting the conversion

If you’re investing $1 into paid ads, then you’re hoping the campaign spits out more money than you put in. 

There’s no brand building, and there’s no long term thinking since you don’t have access to any data.


When I think about the future of this industry, I see more and more people focused on using their affiliate marketing skills to build brands.

The 3 Types of Emails to Write in an Affiliate Marketing Email Funnel

Affiliate marketing has been relatively simple over the past decade.

You find a great offer, master one traffic source, and you find the right combination of creatives to run. You keep testing until profitability and scale it until the campaign dies.

That’s the theory, but these days, we all know that it’s a lot harder to execute than it sounds.

Stricter rules and regulations have made it harder to do non-compliant strategies. And the vast amount of spy tools almost makes the industry feel like a race to the bottom sometimes.

5 Clever Ways to Come Up With a Name for a Company or Product

Here’s one of the most powerful things I’ve learned about marketing: people make most of their purchases based off of the identity that they want to achieve.

Your “identity” is the image of yourself – it’s not who you actually are.

We all have an “Identity” that we’re trying to achieve, and an “Identity” that we want other people to see us as.

Reality: John is a 20-year-old, broke college student

Thinking Time: The Secret Weapon of Billionaires

Sometimes it can feel like you’re a firefighter when you’re running a business.

As soon as you wake up, people are already blowing up your emails and Slack with their problems and issues. You don’t get to work on your “big ideas” because you’re constantly putting all these little fires.

And you know Murphy’s Law, as soon as things start to calm down, something else hits you sideways.

I call it Hamster in a wheel syndrome. It’s where you’re working your ass off, but you’re in the same spot a year later.

The Best Tools, Software, and Services in Affiliate Marketing [2019]

Using the right tools and software will help you become more efficient at running affiliate marketing campaigns.

The problem is that it feels like new tools are coming out on a weekly basis – it’s a pain trying to keep up with all of them.

How do you know which tool is worth your money? And if you’re new to the industry, how do you even know which tools you even need?

This is where I come in – I get access to free tools all the time and I love testing them. I’ve made it simple for you by telling you what’s the best.