The Most Important Skill in the Next Decade

In my third year of college, I saw many of my friends and classmates getting kicked out of school.

If you don’t maintain a certain Grade Point Average, the school decides they don’t want you as a student anymore.

Georgia Tech IS a difficult school, but I don’t think that was the problem. These students were intelligent or else they wouldn’t have gotten accepted in the first place.

The 20-Minute Game Plan: How to Create an Affiliate Campaign Canvas

I remember taking a class once in university where we had to learn how to create a “business plan.”

The professor gave us a fictional business idea and we had to theorize what the next few years would look like.

  • How would we spend the initial capital?
  • Where would the customers come from?
  • At what point would the company start generating a profit?
  • The 4 Levels of Luck: How You Can Become Luckier in Life

    I’ve been exposed to luck my entire life.

    Walk into any Asian person’s house and you’ll see all these different items designed to attract luck and shield against bad luck.

    I remember waking up on Chinese New Year’s one day, ready to eat some breakfast.

    Mom: What are you wearing?

    Me: Huh? This is my favorite shirt. It’s Bart Simpson.

    How to Build Yourself a Personal KPI Dashboard and Measure Your Progress

    Everyone loves setting goals.

    Head over to Pinterest and you’ll find thousands of vision boards with unfulfilled dreams. When it’s January 1st, you can expect your Newsfeed to be flooded with people declaring that “this year is different.”

    We all know that setting goals is the fun and easy part, but completing them is a different animal. What’s the missing piece to the puzzle?

    In my experience, the most overlooked aspect is measuring your progress.