How to Get Accepted into an Affiliate Network

You’re new to affiliate marketing, and you’re ready to get your campaigns started. You’ve done your research, and applied to a few affiliate marketing networks.

You sent in the applications. A few days go by and you hear nothing. 

Finally a response!

Oops…your application has been rejected. Every single network doesn’t want to work with you.

You’ll Never Feel Like You’re Ready

It was the Summer of 2003 – three months before I was going to enter university.

I had one goal that summer – to put on as much muscle as possible.

Why did it matter so much?

I didn’t like being “the skinny guy” in high school, and I didn’t want to be known as that for the next four years.

Measuring Vanity Metrics vs. True Progress in a Business

How do you tell if someone is wealthy or not?

When I was growing up, my framework was the same as everyone else’s. If a family lived in a nice home, drove fancy cars, and went on exotic vacations, then they were rich.

But then a few things happened that changed my perspective.