Beachhead Strategies: 4 Ways You Can Compete With a Smaller Budget

Running a business is like going to war.

Think about how many analogies in business came from the military: price wars, guerrilla marketing, strategic alliances, subordinates, chain of command, and much more.

I started studying military strategy for fun in college. I wish I could tell you some grandiose reason why, but the truth is I wanted to get better at playing StarCraft.

The Critical Number: The Strategy that Facebook and Netflix Used to Stay Focused

When you’re running a business, it can feel as if there are a thousand tasks at any given moment.

You’re trying to grow revenue, but you’re stuck in the whirlwind of endless meetings and other people telling you what to do.

The problem is every team member has their own priorities. It can feel like you’re trying to row the boat forward, but everyone’s paddling in a different direction.

Thoughts on Racism and Riots

I didn’t think 2020 could get scarier, but here we are.

I’ve always avoided talking about politics, religion, or anything too controversial – it’s not my style.

But there are some issues where it’d be wrong to remain neutral or silent on. 

So here it goes.

I’m Asian American.