Market Inflections: How to Easiest Way to Think of Million Dollar Ideas

So often, we feel as if we have to grind it out for years to get results.

If you work hard and persistent enough, then the results will come. Well, what about all the outliers who defy this rule?

  • Charlie D’amelio has the biggest following on TikTok. She has 80+ million followers now, and she started her account in June 2019. She wasn’t known prior to this and didn’t have any unfair advantages.
  • Raise Your Prices: 5 Strategies Luxury Brands Use to Increase Their Perceived Value

    Legendary venture capitalist Marc Andreessen’s #1 advice for companies is simple: raise your prices.

    In an interview on the Tim Ferriss Show, he said:

    “The No. 1 thing — just the theme and we see it everywhere — the No. 1 theme with our companies have when they get really struggling is they are not charging enough for their product.

    It has become absolutely conventional wisdom in Silicon Valley that the way to succeed is to price your product as low as possible under the theory that if it’s low-priced everybody can buy it and that’s how you get the volume.”