Unique Mechanisms: Why They Matter and Why Your Product NEEDS Them (With Examples)

I’ve been running an experiment for the past year. Every time I catch up with an entrepreneur friend, I’ll ask them: 

“What do you think makes a great product? What criteria are you looking for when you’re creating or promoting a product?”

These are all seven- to eight-figure e-commerce brand owners.

Here are some of the paraphrased answers that I’ve gotten.

The 9 Best Books I Read in 2020 (+ Key Takeaways)

Reading is steroids for your mind. I can’t believe that for $10 and a few hours, I can learn what took someone a lifetime to figure out. 

When I first started reading business books, I was obsessed with motivation and mindset. I wanted to become an entrepreneur and needed all the motivation I could get.

As I start running affiliate marketing campaigns, I studied every marketing and copywriting book I could get my hands on to boost my conversions. Then I hired my first employees. My daily Kindle reading was about leadership and management.

What am I reading these days? I’ve realized how little I know and how many blind spots I have in my mind.