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Interviews: Charles Ngo Gets Interviewed on Two Podcasts

I was recently featured in two podcasts and wanted to share them with you. They are must listen if you are fans of my knowledge.

Episode 3 of The Affplaybook Podcast

David Ford interviewed me and grilled me on affiliate marketing theory, my favorite books, motivational theory, and more. 

Affplaybook Podcast Episode 3: Charles Ngo


The “Lost” Interview by AsianEfficiency

This interview took place around 2-3 years ago when I was living in Bangkok, Thailand. It slipped through the cracked over at AE.com, and I assumed it was posted the whole time ;-).

Plenty of talk on business, productivity, and traveling.

Keep in mind the interview took place a few years ago so some of my practices and thoughts might have changed since then. But overall the information is solid.

AsianEfficiency Interviews Charles Ngo on Business, traveling, and productivity. 

Interested in me starting a podcast? Let me know in the comments – I could use a motivation boost to get me started.

Do you have a podcast and want me on it? Email me.