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Landing Pages: 8 Tactics For Higher Converting Landing Pages Part 2

Read Part 1 first.

4. Match Your Landing Page Styles

Traffic source -> Your Landing Page -> Advertiser’s Offer page

You can increase conversion rates if your landing pages looks similar to either the traffic source’s page, or the offer page because this creates “synergy” in your funnel.

If you’re getting traffic from Facebook, creating a landing page that is the same shade of blue / white will increase trust with the visitor.

If your offer’s page is using a picture of a woman, test out using that same picture on your landing page. It’s a way for your visitors to associate your offer with the page they were just on.

I primarily focus on the colors of the site, the layout / design, images used, and the fonts.

This doesn’t always work; it’s just something to test out.

5. Increase Website Loading Speeds


Slow load speeds means you’re losing money. Gustavo from Brazil is using super – slow internet and a Pentium 2 laptop. If he clicks your ad and it takes him more than a few seconds to load, he’s going to hit the back button and you just wasted a click.

Maybe he would’ve gotten to your landing page in time if it was better optimized for speeds.

What are the simplest ways to increase load speeds?

  1. Get a faster server. You should be on a decent VPS when you’re starting out. Eventually you’ll want to upgrade to a dedicated server. I’ve been using LiquidWeb for over 6 years.Every affiliate marketer makes this mistake. You’re on a $60 a month VPS and traffic starts scaling up on the same server. That VPS crashes without you knowing and you’re out a lot of money.
  2. Decrease the size of your pages. Make sure you shrink your images. You can use Yahoo Smushit or in Photoshop there’s a function “Save for Web.” When I’m building a page from scratch, my coders know to make my code efficient and minimal. Protip: If you’re jacking someone else’s landing page, might be worth it to get their page completely recoded if it’s large and messy.
  3. Host your images on a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Lets say my dedicated server is in New York, but I’m sending traffic from all over the world. It’s going to load a little slower for people on the West coast, Europe, Asia, South America, etc. A CDN puts a copy your files on servers around the world. If they see someone is visiting from Brazil, the person will download the image from Brazil rather than New York.It’s super easy to setup, I’ll do a quick tutorial soon.Akamai is the best CDN service, and I use them through Rackspace.
  4. Use this site GTMetrix to check load speeds and see where there are leaks in your page. I always try to get an A+ in my pages.

Even though faster load times is always important, it can make or break campaigns on certain traffic sources like PPV or mobile. I’m not gonna run there unless the campaign’s on a dedicated server.

6. Pass Tokens / Variables to Your Landing Page

You can make different elements of your landing page dynamic. Instead of everyone seeing the same headline “You won $100 today”, you can insert in a token. Lets say they won it because their token is the cellphone model they are using. “You won $100 today because you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S3

How do you do this? It’s just PHP and you can do it in CPVLabs.

Edit Direct Link Landin2g Page Campaign


The bolded are the tokens.

  • Publisher / Target For PPV. “Special offer for visitors of www.CharlesNgo.com, learn how to make more money online”
  • Keyword For Google. “We have a huge selection of Creatine Powders at a discounted rate” 
  • Carrier Token for Mobile: “Your HTC ONE phone was selected to be the winner today”   

7. Keep it Simple

When I first started creating landing pages, I got wayyy too fancy. It doesn’t matter how pretty or nicely designed a page it, what matters is how much money it makes. 

People are stupid so you need to make it as easy as possible for them to convert.

  • Keep important elements above the fold 
  • Make your call to action button very obvious. Make it large and bright colored. You can even use some animated arrows.
  • Use simple language. Channel the swag of Ernest Hemingway and write so that a 6th grader can understand.
  • TLDR; This is the ADD generation so if they land on your page and there’s a wall of text, they’re probably not going to read it. Break up long paragraphs. Use images. Use bullet points.
  • A lot of the times my ugly / simple pages will convert better than the fancy web 2.0 landers I make. Test and follow the data, don’t make decisions based on guesses.
  • Remember that sometimes, less is more

8. Test Everyday

The simplest, yet the most important tip to mastering landing pages. I see so many people that are leaving money on the table because they don’t test their pages enough. Too many guys just copy a competitor’s landing page, and leave it as that.

Just because everyone’s using a certain landing page doesn’t mean it’s the best.

A typical scenario I see is Gorilla affiliate A makes a decent landing page, and is doing major volume. His page is actually not that great, but he’s still profiting because he might have great ads, offers, and relationships. Affiliates B, C, & D see Gorilla A’s page everywhere, so they just assume it’s the best and that page is everywhere.

If I see that page everywhere, I’m going to use it as a measuring stick and do my best to improve with some tests.

What variables?

  • Headlines
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Background Colors
  • Images
  • Call to Action
  • etc.

Make it a habit to run multiple tests a day on your biggest campaigns.

Bonus Protip:

I’m a huge fan of using the Taguchi method of testing on some of my landing pages; it’s a way of testing a lot of elements at once. Most people will test one thing at a time such as headline a vs headline b vs headline c.

Taguchi lets you test simultaneously headline a vs headline b vs headline c vs image a vs image b vs image c vs background color a vs background color b vs background color c and see which combination works the best.

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