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Is Affiliate Marketing Dead in 2021? My Honest Thoughts

“Is affiliate marketing dead?”
“Is affiliate marketing still worth it?

I’ve always hated these questions, and I’ve been hearing them since 2007.

I hate these questions because they feel like excuses.

It’s kinda like seeing someone half-assing it at the gym. Then seeing them blame their gym equipment for their lack of results.

But now it’s 2021—things have changed over the years.

Turning 35 – Thoughts on Leaving Affiliate Marketing, and Life

I turned 35 a few days ago.

Where did the time go? Has it been five years since I wrote my 30th birthday blog post?

I’ve read so many books that encourage us to think long term – we should look ten or even twenty years into the future. What’s the big vision?

Affiliate Marketing Black Friday Deals – 2019 Edition

Alright, hopefully, you survived the Turkey coma and maybe your crazy in-laws.

Thanksgiving’s over, and it’s time for Black Friday!

You know me, I love saving money. But I’m not into waiting in line at Best Buy at 4am, or the possibility of being trampled so Karen can get her Big Screen TV.

How to Get Accepted into an Affiliate Network

You’re new to affiliate marketing, and you’re ready to get your campaigns started. You’ve done your research, and applied to a few affiliate marketing networks.

You sent in the applications. A few days go by and you hear nothing. 

Finally a response!

Oops…your application has been rejected. Every single network doesn’t want to work with you.

The 20-Minute Game Plan: How to Create an Affiliate Campaign Canvas

I remember taking a class once in university where we had to learn how to create a “business plan.”

The professor gave us a fictional business idea and we had to theorize what the next few years would look like.

  • How would we spend the initial capital?
  • Where would the customers come from?
  • At what point would the company start generating a profit?

    The 3 Types of Emails to Write in an Affiliate Marketing Email Funnel

    Affiliate marketing has been relatively simple over the past decade.

    You find a great offer, master one traffic source, and you find the right combination of creatives to run. You keep testing until profitability and scale it until the campaign dies.

    That’s the theory, but these days, we all know that it’s a lot harder to execute than it sounds.

    Stricter rules and regulations have made it harder to do non-compliant strategies. And the vast amount of spy tools almost makes the industry feel like a race to the bottom sometimes.

    The Best Tools, Software, and Services in Affiliate Marketing [2019]

    Using the right tools and software will help you become more efficient at running affiliate marketing campaigns.

    The problem is that it feels like new tools are coming out on a weekly basis – it’s a pain trying to keep up with all of them.

    How do you know which tool is worth your money? And if you’re new to the industry, how do you even know which tools you even need?

    This is where I come in – I get access to free tools all the time and I love testing them. I’ve made it simple for you by telling you what’s the best.

    Newbies, these things don’t really matter in affiliate marketing

    One of my friends is an amazing chef.

    I think he’d kill it if he were on top of those top chef TV shows.

    A few years ago he decided to take a huge leap in his career – he was going to build his first restaurant from scratch.

    Most new restaurants fail within a few years, so I told him I’d be here if he needed any advice. I don’t know anything about the restaurant industry, but I’m sure I could give him some marketing advice at least. 

    The 22 Immutable Laws of Affiliate Marketing [Part 2]

    Affiliate marketing is always changing.

    I’ve always said that this industry ages like a dog – a year here is like seven years out in the “real world.”

    There are going to be new rules, regulations, market innovations, and increasing competition. All that added up means that what’s working now might not be working two years from now.

    It’s natural to wonder what’s going to be hot. What’s the next big thing? If you can figure that out, then you can get a head start on everyone else.