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News and Events: Here’s my day at the A4D conference

Last weekend I flew to San Diego for the A4D.com event.

Every year they host a one-day event.

I was hesitant on going because it’s such a long flight from Miami to San Diego for a one day event. But I haven’t done a conference since ASW and felt like I’m due for one.

At my level, it only takes one insight or connection that makes everything worth it. You also get a HUGE surge of motivational and desire to get shit done after attending one of these.

I’m gonna get into my experience at the event and share some insights I learned.

The Event


The event feels different than your typical affiliate conference.

1. It’s not promotional at all. There aren’t any sponsors or booths. The guys on stage aren’t selling you anything.
2. It feels like it’s “for affiliates, by affiliates”

The entire goal of the event is to share information to help make YOU a better affiliate.

I liked how simple everything felt. There’s one schedule, one room, one agenda. Compared to the “chaos” of a typical conference.

Everything was held at the Hard Rock Cafe, and the venue itself was nice.

I’m estimating there were 350-400’ish affiliates at max peak.

There were speakers all day, and an after party at night.

The Insights

There were around 9’ish speakers. These are speakers that literally DO NOT speak anywhere else EXCEPT for the A4D event.

I was invited to speak but respectfully declined. I’m speaking at Affiliate World Berlin next month and I’m busy preparing for it.

Jason makes fun of me for that. he goes on stage and wing it. I spend an entire month preparing and rehearsing my shit. I think it’s because I’m STILL not so comfortable on stage and love to overprepare.

What did the speakers talk about? I’m not going to go too much in depth because they specifically asked us NOT to. If I share everything with you guys then they might be hestitant to drop bombs in the future. Gotta respect that.

However, some of the videos and slides will be posted on


This is Jason’s new forum that’s focused on product development / ecommerce.

The first speaker went deep into what he does on mobile. It’s very high level – he went into details on building a RTB platform, and also into mobile attribution.

Mike went deep into statistical significance. Crunched some numbers that even after $5k in spend, that you’re not 100% certain shit’s right. He also showed how he uses custom images to gain an advantage over the competition.

Tim Burd talked about improve your conversion rates through multi-variate testing, and demonstrated the tool he uses. He brought up a great point about how affiliates tend to focus on just the “targeting” and CTR’s.

If you can increase the other parts of the formula such as the landing page, then your cost per acquisition goes down.

Malan spoke about his experiences as a affiliate marketer and why he’s a 1-man army. I wasn’t a fan of the content as I felt a lot of it was covered in his blog post. MALAN I KNOW YOU GOT SOME KNOWLEDGE, GIMMEEEE. I’ve actually never seen Malan speak before in person so I was kinda blown away by what a great presenter he is. (Must be all those years of being a musician).

There were a few speeches I skipped. I recorded a few video interviews with Tuan Vy (CEO of Vietnamese Money Gang) and Malan Darras. My editor’s working on them right now and I’ll let you know when they’re up.


Jason’s speech was the highlight of the conference for me.
He built a marketing campaign that generated close to $500k in revenue last month. He did it using Clickfunnels, VSL’s, and some pretty interesting funnel work. It was 100% whitehat. His product is patented so he doesn’t have to worry about affiliates ripping his campaign off ;-).

For the longest time bigger affiliates have hesitated going into the advertiser space. There has always been a BARRIER with merchant processors, customer service, fulfillment, and more. But now in 2016 most of those barriers are gone and it’s never been easier. You’re definitely going to see a big trend of affiliates getting into the e-commerce space (Beyond free + shipping model)

After the conference is over we went upstairs for an afterparty.

I saw SO HAPPY to see my old friends Wes Mahler (Developed Prosper202, the first affiliate tracker) and Bryn YoungBlut (OG Affiliate blogger)


I’m almost 9 years deep in this space now. And there’s not as many of my friends from the early days still around. Some moved on to bigger and better things, others blew their money and disappeared into the corporate world. Definitely feels like some “Last of the Mohicans” shit. But it feels great to catch up to old friends and see what they’re up to.

Spent the rest of the night networking.

It was also pretty cool to bump into many of you guys. I had one guy that discovered affiliate amrketing through my blog 3 years ago, and is now a full-time affiliate. It’s crazy I changed his life and had no idea he exists. Wonder how many of you guys are out there.

I just do my writing but can’t really see the impact it makes.

I had a Great Time!

Loved seeing all my California affiliate friends. It was great seeing the A4D squad as well (I see you C. Moneymaker)

I look forward to attending if there’s another one next year.

You can tell that a “wave” is coming where affiliates are getting tired of cloaking / running shitty offers. Going “WhiteHat” is definitely on the come up.

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