Hi, I’m Charles Ngo.charles-ngo1

I’m the foremost thought leader in an industry called affiliate marketing. Over 50,000+ people a month read my insights on affiliate marketing, internet marketing, and productivity. 

Affiliate marketing is my life – I’ve been doing this for the past 9 years and I’ve done very well from this industry.

How Did I Do It?

I was an average student at high school and in my marketing classes at Georgia Tech (video games were my only passion – StarCraft anyone?).

I started a few small businesses on eBay, blogging, SEO sites, but NOTHING stuck. Plus, you know how much work it is listing things on eBay and packing, shipping, labelling etc!

Most of my friends had their life sorted .They all seemed happy and went into investment banking, Big 4, tech companies etc… But I was 100% clueless about my future. 


I thought graduating would solve all my problems…

I wanted to make a lot of money – that’s the only thing I knew for sure.

So I applied for a TON of jobs.

Any industry where I thought I could make good money, I applied to.

I FINALLY landed a job doing Google Adwords for a big company – success!

Well, no actually…

At the company I worked for they focused on mainly brand marketing, so it wasn’t really about ROI or performance marketing…

In fact it wasn’t very interesting at all.

The job wasn’t BAD as far as jobs go, but I wanted more.

I spent 2+ hours commuting every single day, and I was only making about $40k per year.

But I had one burning question in my mind…

How was I going to be the Asian James Bond
with a few weeks holiday a year and a crap salary?

I think EVERYONE gets the feeling that they want to make more money and have more freedom, but I wanted it so badly that I was ready to spend the rest of my life figuring out how to achieve this lifestyle.

Life for me changed from “guy in cubicle job kinda chilling” to “Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness” within a few weeks of landing that first job out of college…


  • I got out every single book I could find about making more money
  • I read business blogs and articles on my lunch breaks
  • Every night I’d stay up listening to audiobooks and talks about business

Fast forward a month or two, and I found The Four Hour Work Week which set me on the path of starting an online business.

(This is the time I tried to make some cash on eBay and doing blog/SEO sites).

After one too many late nights reading blogs, I learned about affiliate marketing.

This was a game changer for me.

Not having to hold inventory, no product development, no staff, work from anywhere?

Hell yes!

I didn’t get much sleep that night…

I was pretty much working two jobs from that day forward: employed PPC guy by day, affiliate marketer by night.

You can read about my early beginnings in more detail in the Rise of Ngo here (this is one of the most popular posts on my site).

After learning about affiliate marketing I dove in head first and signed up for some traffic sources and affiliate networks.

Note from 2016 Charles: Notice a pattern here? Even though 2008 Charles is broke, has a massive student loan, a full-time job and a 2 hour commute every day he KEEPS MOVING FORWARD. He doesn’t waste days, weeks, months and years reading – he hustles and takes action. You NEED this personality trait in this industry. Read Think and Grow Rich to acquire this mindset.

Back to 2008 Charles

I lost a ton of money running different campaigns (about $4k), but one of my campaigns I was testing hit. It hit so hard I thought there was an error with the network.

$100 spend, $500 revenue on the first day.

$350 spend the next day, $1,750 revenue the next day.

… This campaign ended up making me about $75,000 USD profit.

The rest is history, and now I routinely do $1m + profit per year.

The truth is though, as soon as I made my first single $1 from affiliate marketing, I knew this was going to be my life.

I just needed proof that this could work.

That first $1 is the most important dollar you will ever make online.

Let’s be honest though, 99.99% of people would love to have an online business that enables them to live life on their terms, but most people don’t…

What’s the difference between them and me?

I mean, a LOT of people start blogs, SEO sites, and try this business, but how did I make it work, while others lose money and give up?

One word.



There are a million things you can be doing in this industry and nobody will tell you which are the important ones.

If you don’t focus on the right things, you’re doomed to fail.

Most people hack around trying things, they float from one idea to the next, hoping and praying that something will stick.

Bro, it’s not the 1800s’.

You’re not Edison trying to invent the light bulb.

I spend some time to build a system , then I reap the results whether I’m there or not.

Want an example?


Every year I travel multiple times to speak – mainly in Asia, Europe or around the US. That means booking hotels, flights, taxis, organizing an itinerary etc. I hired someone to do all bookings for me.

I made up a template that explains how close I wanna be to where the event is, what sort of hotels I like, what credit card to use (so I get points), and the type of flight I want (no stopovers!).

Now I never have to book another flight. My assistant spends the time to get good deals on hotels and flights, but it’s not worth my time to do that.

Another example?

I love eating good food (and binging on cheat days), but cooking takes up a lot of time and energy. Simple, I get meals delivered every two days. It costs about $8 per meal, but it saves me at least 8 hours a week.

Another system?

I also have a cleaner come to deep clean my apartment every week. That saves me a couple of hours each week and I can use that time to work, chill, relax, whatever.

Of course I have systems I use in my business to help make me more money, but personal systems are a really good place to start, especially if you don’t have much free time.

Systems are my secret weapon. Automating processes means you can 10-20x your output.

If your affiliate marketing business is systemized from the start, then you can test more, learn more, and get far more done, all of which equals $$$$$

So How Can I Help You?


I can teach you how to make a LOT of money through affiliate marketing. Saving $20 per week by packing your own lunches is not my style. I want to show you how to build not just a profitable business, but a set of skills that is worth millions over your career.

I’ve gotta warn you now though, I don’t muck around.

I work hard, and if you want to make this business work, you’ll have to work hard too.

That’s the cool thing about this business though…

If you took all of my campaigns, traffic sources and offers away today, I’d be making 5 figures profit again within a week. Affiliate marketing is one of the most potent skill sets you can have in this age.

There are more and more products on the market, competition is heating up, and people who can drive sales/leads are becoming the 21st century equivalent of oil barons.

Here’s what I can offer you:

CharlesNgo.com Blog

This blog is jam-packed full of posts, resources, tools and strategies to transform you into a profitable affiliate marketer. I’ve got everything here that you need to go from nothing, through to building your first profitable campaign.

Check out this blog post about how a reader went from $0 to $500 per day profit in campaigns using ONLY my free material on this blog. Seriously, $500 per day as an online business owner – how would that change your life? Disclaimer: this guy could build websites so he had a small advantage.

Weekly Emails

I send out weekly emails with  business advice, life bombs, and affiliate marketing tips. This is one of my favorite parts of the week. I get to sit down at the computer and help you out on a more personal level.

This blog has tens of thousands of readers, and I write to a wide audience. My emails are more of an “insider’s view” of affiliate marketing, making money, and leading a great life.

Sign up below if you haven’t already and I’ll make it worth your while.

The Newbie FastTrack


The Newbie FastTrack is a program designed for those who are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing… And it’s 100% free. I aim to make my free material better than 99% of the paid programs out there.

This is a step up from the blog as I show you the “HOW-TO” of affiliate marketing, not just the “what”.

AFFcelerator – The Most High-Level Affiliate Marketing Training Available

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.54.52 AM

I run the most high-end affiliate marketing training available online. Warning: this is powerful stuff. This is not for dabblers, I have strict criteria who I accept into my programs.

Each year I travel around three cities in North America, Europe and Asia coaching people how to build online businesses that make them anywhere from $1k per day, to $10k + per day profit…


That’s per day… Can you imagine making even $1k per day profit?

Some of my most successful students are doing $10k+ per day in profit.

For more information on my advanced training, visit AFFcelerator.

Live Speaking Events


I regularly speak at events such as Affiliate World and Affiliate Summit conferences. Sign up to my email list and I’ll keep you up to date with my schedule.  I’ve shared the stage with some big names in our industry including Neil Patel, Ryan Holiday and Drew Eric Whitman.  I’m at every big affiliate conference so come say hi if you see me!

Why Should I Listen To You Charles?

Great question – if you listened to everyone without validating them you’d be crazy.

Here are some of the reasons that tens of thousands of people follow me, share my material, and trust me as an authority on affiliate marketing:

  • Each year my affiliate marketing company makes millions of dollars of profit – I practice AND preach
  • Each year hundreds of people spend a lot of money to be coached by me, and I’ve NEVER received a bad review
  • Some of my students have gone on to make $10k + profit per day, and become millionaires in less than a year
  • I regularly speak in front of massive crowds about affiliate marketing from London to Ibiza, Singapore to Berlin, New York to Bangkok
  • I’ve been blogging about online marketing since 2012
  • Google me and you’ll see I’m the real deal
  • 35,000+ monthly blog readers trust me, share my content, and implement it
  • We throw parties at every event I go to, and these are all sponsored by some of the biggest companies in the industry
  • I’ve been a full-time affiliate marketer since 2008, been blogging since 2012, and I’m not going anywhere

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What Can I Expect From You Charles?

You can expect daily knowledge bombs, affiliate marketing tips, strategies, and more. The best feeling in life is to give, so dammit I’m going to give as much as I can in my lifetime.

  • Every single day I’m on SnapChat (charles_ngo – add me!) bringing the heat – you can see exactly what I do on a daily basis to stay at the top of my game.
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  • Training opportunities (again, I’m ruthless in selecting who I train, but the ones who make it into my program come out the other side as highly skilled marketers who can make big money in any niche)
  • Blog posts to give you detailed intel on specific parts of your business

The best way to get to know me is through social media.

Snapchat: charles_ngo (instructions on how to use Snapchat if you’ve never used it)

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