Black Friday Deal: Adplexity 35% Off Lifetime

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Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

It’s that time of the year.
20 emails /day pitching you the deal of the century.
The biggest problem with sales is that we fool ourselves into thinking we’re saving money… But we would never buy the product if it wasn’t on sale in the first place.
My philosophy with sales is that they are great…  If I was gonna buy the thing anyway.
That’s the reason for this blog post.
It’s not often you get deep discounts on business expenses, things that you’re gonna spend money on anyway. Try asking Team Zuck for cheaper traffic and see how you go.
The owner of the Adplexity (the best spy tool on the market) got in touch with me to offer a deal to Ngo readers.

What’s the Black Friday Deal for Adplexity?

The Deal: $129 /month for life
Expiry: 24 November 2017 – Midnight EST

Get the Adplexity discount here > > >

(This is the only link where you can get the deal through – don’t go through any other links on this page!)
This offer won’t be repeated. Don’t put this off – competitive research is one of the most important parts of affiliate marketing.

What is Adplexity?

Some of you guys might have heard of Adplexity before, but you’re not sure what it’s capable of, how it can help you etc.
If you’re a newbie, here’s the 80/20:
Spy tools like Adplexity are a HUGE time saver.
As an affiliate, you always want to see what other affiliates are doing. Maybe there’s a brand new landing page that your competition is using that is killing it. You wanna know about this stuff because it = $$$.
Before Adplexity was created you had to do this manually… This meant:

  1. Going to sites that have ads,
  2. Screenshotting / downloading the ads
  3. Changing up your IP and refreshing the page
  4. Rinse and repeat about 20 times on different sites

Now there’s software that does this and it pulls all the results into a dashboard where you can see them all at once.
Here’s an example of what the dashboard looks like (I was searching for gaming landing pages in this example)

But it gets better.
You don’t just see what the competition are doing... you can go to the live landing page, or download an exact copy of it.
You can click on the links and see which offers they are promoting, and how long that exact iteration of the landing page has been live.
This is SUPER powerful stuff.
You can see why I recommend Adplexity so highly, it gives you a ton of industry insight which is gonna make you more money.

How Do You Use Adplexity?

Instead of telling you how to use it, I’m giving you the next level.
I sat down and did a screen share with the founder of Adplexity. We go super deep into what’s possible with it, the advanced features and how to use them, and some of the biggest things people miss when they use it.
You can make a lot of money from this tool, but there’s a lot of confusion around it.
Once you sign up, watch this video and follow along with us. Or if you’re on the fence about buying it, check out the video and see what’s possible.

More Info on Adplexity

I’ve written a few posts about Adplexity in the past because it’s the most advanced spy tool for mobile, native, desktop, or adult affiliates.
Here are some of the posts that will give you more info if you need it after watching the video.
How to get the most out of Adplexity
How to find profitable placements with Adplexity

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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