How to Get the Most out of Adplexity [Spy Tool]

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Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

Whether you hate them or you love them, spy tools are a part of the affiliate marketing game.
With one piece of software, you can see what your competitors are running. You can see their landing pages, angles, ads, offers, and much more.
Adplexity seems kinda simple on the surface.
But there are some filters and settings you can check off to make the software work better for you.
These tricks will work on most spy tools, I’m using Adplexity as the example because it’s one of the best on the market.
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Why Should You Use A Spy Tool?

Spy tools like Adplexity are a HUGE time saver. Before these affiliate marketing tools were created you would have to do things manually.
This meant:

  1. Going to sites that have ads,
  2. Screenshotting / downloading the ads
  3. Changing up your IP and refreshing
  4. Rinse and repeat about 20 times on different sites

I had to hire a VA to do that before spy software became good enough…
Now there’s software that does this and it pulls all the results into a dashboard where you can see them all at once.
You can go to the live landing page, or download an exact copy of it.
You can click on the links and see which CPA offers they are promoting, and how long that exact iteration of the landing page has been live.
It’s super powerful stuff.
So today I want to give you some insider tips to get the best bang for your buck out of Adplexity.

The NGO Spying Strategy + Adplexity Review of Features

#1 Search by last two weeks

You want to look at the latest stuff people are trying.  Audiences get banner blindness quickly with landing pages and ads so you want to keep up with the play.
You never really know if a landing page is going to convert well until you test it, so spy tools give you an idea of “what’s working right now”.
New and intermediate affiliates often make the mistake of running landing pages that look good. They see a nice 2.0 design with fancy logos and assume it’ll convert well.
When you see what people actually run right now, it’s helping to train your brain to see what really makes money in affiliate marketing now.

#2 Remove non-affiliate landing pages from results

Filter by affiliate networks and by tracking tool to remove non-affiliate landing pages. 
Some of the results from the spy tools are “branded campaigns”. This might be from a company like AliExpress or a car insurance company.
Here are some examples of branded campaigns:
branded campaigns
There’s not much point spying on these campaigns because they aren’t affiliates running them. It’s massive corporations. These companies own the offer so they have huge margins.
You can take ideas from them (I love that Geico landing page), but it’s not like you can start running similar pages and automatically get profitable.
You can also filter by the affiliate networks you are in and then see what offers other people are running, then run the same offer.

#3 One-click download landing pages

If you want to test out a landing page you find in Adplexity, it’s super simple.
Here’s how to do it:
#1 Click on the landing page you want to rip
#2 Click the “Show More” button
#3 Click “Download this landing page”
This will download all the images and code into a zip folder.
Unzip it then click on the right HTML or PHP file to open it in your browser.
Use your favorite code editor to change up the links, upload it to your server, and see how it goes 🙂

#4 Order by most popular ads to see what’s working well.

When you order by “Received most traffic” you are seeing affiliate ads that have run for a while.
Often you’ll see really creative and catchy images in these ads. That’s the point guys – use these images to come up with some of your own ideas.
People love weird, shocking, crazy images, that’s why there’s so much of this on native.
Here are a few native ads I saw that looked interesting and they’ve been running for a while.
Screen Shot 2017 06 07 at 6.54.00 AM

#5 Sort by the exact criteria of your campaign you are running

Let’s say you’re running popunders in Poland promoting mobile games. Plug that info straight into Adplexity filters.
This gives you an idea of what offers and landing pages your competition are running.

  • Can you access the same offers?
  • Can you get a pay bump on that offer?
  • Do you have other offers you could test?
  • Can you brainstorm new angles to beat them?
  • What traffic sources are most people using for this offer?

#6 Use keyword search on landing pages:

Use simple words like “win” if you are searching for sweepstakes, “game” or “play” if you’re in gaming.
Try to brainstorm which common words would be on 99% of the landing pages in your niche.

#7 Study up the data in the filters

If you look at the raw data in the filters on the left hand side, you can see numbers for everything.
These screenshots are from Adplexity Mobile.
You can see that popup / popunders are by far the most popular ads that Adplexity Mobile has found.
You can’t use this data for too much other than a rough guide.
Maybe you could look for GEOs with a lower number of results in the spy tools which tells you the competition is lower there.
Or maybe you decide not to run on Propellor Ads in a big GEO because it’s gonna be competitive as hell.

Strategies for Using Your New Knowledge

quote all men can see these tactics whereby i conquer but what none can see is the strategy out of which sun tzu 188533
It’s good to see what’s working, but how do you actually use all the intel you pick up from spy tools?
Here are a couple of strategies to try out.

Take existing angles into new GEOs

See a really good angle running on US traffic? You can get it translated and run it in some Tier 2 or Tier 3 countries.
There’s far less competition in places like Africa and Latin America compared to US/UK/CA/AU.

Innovate on a current winner

This is one of my favorite strategies. I’ll take a campaign from a spy tool I find, then I’ll make up a few of my own variations on it and split test the pages.
Same GEO, same landing page + same offer, then throw in a few variations on the landing page that you come up with.
Once you find the best landing page then you can start testing more offers.
Imitate then innovate.
Often you can easily improve on an existing landing page you find by using these conversion boosters.
You would do this same thing in most affiliate campaigns. Say you’re running Facebook videos, you would split test a few of your own versions + some other ones you find that you have the rights to use.

Read The Instructions…

When you sign up to Adplexity they have a really good tutorial to help you get to know the software inside out. Make sure you go through it.
There are a ton of useful tips in there, like how to check your landing page isn’t backdoored by affiliates who are trying to steal your traffic…
Screen Shot 2017 06 20 at 5.42.41 AM

Spying Is Almost Essential in 2017

Spy tools will make your life 100x easier.
You want to know your enemy when it comes to business. The more intel you have on your competition, the easier it is to beat them.
Just make sure to test your own ideas against ones you find in spy tools though.
You might be able to get a campaign profitable using ripped landing pages, but the real money comes from innovating on your competition.
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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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