The Best Facebook Spy Tool Review: AdSector

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

Warning: Adsector is no longer being updated and I don’t recommend them any longer.
If you’re looking for the best Facebook spy tool then I recommend using AdSpy

I have a confession to make:
I like to use cheat codes when I play video games.
I have no shame about it.

It started when I was like five years old. I couldn’t beat Contra with three lives. It was impossible!
Then my best friend came over one day and entered the code:
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a,
I got thirty lives instead of three.
My mind was blown. It was like I saw the Matrix and now the game was a lot easier.
I think that’s when my obsession with “hacking” life began. Work a job until I’m 67 years old and then retire?
No thanks. Affiliate marketing is my career cheat code.  
I like playing life on easy mode.
Sometimes I think of affiliate marketing like a video game, and money is the score.
Are there cheat codes in affiliate marketing?
Your competition’s making a ton of money each day.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could see what ads, landing pages and offers they’re running?
Spy tools are the “Game Genie” of the industry.
There are plenty of great tools for NativeAds and Mobile, but not that many for the Facebook platform.
The best one (WhichAdsWork) shut down a while back without notice.
Since then I keep getting emails from people asking me for recommendations. I haven’t recommended any the past few months because they all suck.
Here’s some good news: There’s a new kid on the block.
It’s called AdSector.
It has all the capabilities that WAW did and then some. I’ve been using it the past few days, and it is a goldmine.
I found 5 different campaigns that I’m going to start testing this week that I wouldn’t have found if it wasn’t for this tool.

If you’re running Facebook traffic and you’re not using this tool, then you’re at a disadvantage.
I’ve negotiated a 30% off FOR LIFE for Ngo Readers. You’re not going to find this product at this price anywhere else.
I’ll share with you a detailed review on how I feel about this tool and how you can use some of these features to help with your campaigns.

Highly Granular Search Mode/Filters to Easily Find Relevant Converting Ads

AdSector has millions of ads in their database…
It’s massive. But, really…
We only want to find the top performing relevant ads of our competitors.
AdSector made it easy for us to do that with these features:
Searchable Date Range – I like searching for ads in the Last 7 or 30 days to get the most relevant ads.
If you’re searching ads from months ago then the offer may not be available anymore, or the niche may be too saturated.
3 Powerful Search Modes –  I’ll give a quick brief…

  • Keyword: Promoting dog products? Then type in dog, pets, french bulldog, etc. You’ll see your competitors for the dog niche.
    You want to use the type of words someone would use in the title or description.
  • Advertiser: If you have your competitor’s URL, plug it here, and you can see a lot. Try this one for yourself.
  • Publisher: You can get some inspiration on how other affiliates are promoting this.

Sort by Feature – This is the icing on the cake. What’s the point of finding all 1,000 ads that your competitors are running?
I want to know what’s working for him. This feature returns you ads that have been running the longest, received the most number of shares, etc.
The above features alone has given me thousands of ads to look through.

But… I really want to dig deeper with the filter options.
Countries – As of Jan 2018, they have 15 popular T1/T2 geos and are expanding it over time.
Type – You can choose to only show “Image” or “Video” ads.
Position – Some affiliates only do “News Feed”. You can omit right-hand side ads with this if you want.
Gender – Useful feature if you are in a gender-specific industry (e.g. beauty/muscle)
Relationship/Age – Useful for certain verticals but I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
You don’t have to use all the filter features as they might be going too granular.
I didn’t, but AdSector gives me the option if I want to.

This is another section that would be useful for CPA affiliates and eComm guys.
Affiliate Networks – You can search what affiliates are promoting on a network.
For eComm, it would be useful for select “None” to ensure you’re getting the non-CPA ads.
Tracking System – You can get AdSector to return your ads that have a tracking software in their funnel, like Voluum/Thrive.
That would increase the probability of getting ads that are promoted by CPA affiliates. For eComm, select “None”.
eCommerce Platform – This is useful for the eComm dropshippers.
Select “Shopify” and you’ll see what the top eComm guys are doing.

Quick Tip: You can select more than one in each of these fields
(e.g. If you want AdSector to return you ads that are on Shopify and Magneto platform, include both.)

I hope you can see how granular you can get.
Not many spy tools can get to this level of granularity to gain good competitive insights.
I’ll show an example to make it a little clearer for you.

Example: Baby Niche

Jane is passionate about the baby niche and wants to build a Shopify store around it.
She fires up AdSector and searches for the “baby” keyword.
Here are the results:

Can you see a problem?
Adopt a Newborn Baby?!Not every baby Ad is relevant to Jane.
Jane wants to get more specific and find products that she can sell.
Jane can use the search/filter options to get more relevant results.
Here’s what I use:

  • Sort by: Running Longest
  • Position: News Feed
  • Country: USA
  • Affiliate Network: None
  • Tracking System: None
  • eCommerce Platform: Shopify/Magento


Now Jane has relevant results for researching her next baby product.
She can also tell by the social proof (likes / comments / shares) that they’ve been running for a while.
This means there’s a high probability that it’s making money. (No one runs ads for a long time if it’s losing money).
There are ton of filters you can mix and match to get other results.
These alone should get you started on finding your competitors’ best ads.
Can you start to see how powerful this is to speed up your campaigns & research process?

Detailed, Uncluttered & Intuitive Search Results

Unlike other spy tools, I don’t have to manually open each Ad just to see more detailed information.
From the search results, I can conveniently:

  • Play/Download my competitor’s Video Ads & send it to my media buyers for inspiration
  • Get a birds-eye view on the engagement level for each ad
  • Favourite/bookmark ads that I like for quick access. Pasting each link on an excel sheet can get really messy over time.
  • See their whole ad copy
  • Etc.

That’s a huge time saver during my initial research phase.
When I find a really good Facebook ad, there are a few things that go on my mind:

  • What’s their entire funnel like? What landing pages? What offers?
  • How long have they been running?
  • What kind of engagements are they getting?
  • What is it that makes them GOOD?
  • Etc.

AdSector kinda helps answer those questions with what I’ll be showing you next.

Comprehensive Breakdown of the Entire Funnel (w/ Analytics)

Guys, that’s almost the entire funnel on one page. The ads, the angles, the landing pages and even the offers.
I can easily …

    • Understand their entire funnel and see which areas I can imitate/innovate on.
    • 1-Click Download their landing pages. This may not be useful for eComm owners but highly beneficial for CPA Affiliates to 10x their process.
    • Navigate to the original Facebook ad post. Read comments to gain some insights. Are people complaining that it’s too cheap? Or product doesn’t work as promised?
    • Sort all their landing pages by “Running Longest” to see which worked best for them.
    • Check their outgoing URLs to find which CPA offers they are promoting.
    • And other more advanced stuff…

Everything on one page just makes my research super quick and simple w/o any extra software.
Nah, we are not done yet.
Within that same ad breakdown page, AdSector provides us with even more comprehensive analytics.

I wouldn’t want to dive too deep into this due to obvious reasons 🙂
In general, you can see the social engagements, ad reach, trends across the week, and what countries they are heavily promoting on.
And… the interests that they are targeting – Honestly, I don’t know how accurate these analytics are, but it forms a good baseline for your research.
Hopefully, this review kinda shows you guys how much of an advantage AdSector would provide for your Facebook campaigns.
I have yet to even touch on some advanced techniques – Maybe in a later post.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s normally $249 a month. I’ve negotiated a 30% off FOR LIFE for Ngo Readers. You’re not going to find this product at this price anywhere else.

Should You Invest In AdSector?

Every affiliate has a love / hate relationship with spy tools.
On one hand you love them when you get the idea for a new campaign or landing page. On the other hand it pisses you off if your profitable campaign is exposed to other guys.
They’re a part of the game, might as well use them to your advantage.
Would this be good for newbies?
It depends.
If you are low on budget, this can be considered expensive. I would recommend you increase your cash flow first before getting this.
Don’t be one of those guys that spends $500 a month on servers / tools and then you have no budget to run traffic.
But a tool like this will significantly cut your learning / campaign time down a lot. If you’ve never ran a campaign before then it would be beneficial to see what profitable funnels look like.
It has made my life 100x easier and faster with the competitive intelligence.
Cons of the tool:

  1. Expensive. This isn’t a cheap investment.
  2. It can be slow at times. The load times could be a lot faster.
  3. The team is 100% anonymous. I have no idea who’s behind this tool.
  4. Facebook spy tools don’t last long. Most of the tools last only a few months before they shut down for whatever reason.

When it comes to business, you really want to know your enemy. The more you Ngo, the easier it is to beat them.
“The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.” – Sun Tzu

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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