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You have completed The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Whether you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, or you’re a veteran, you’ve learned some strategies that’ll take your campaigns to the next level.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and you’ve taken quite a few.

If you want to download the PDF so you can read it anywhere and make sure you never lose this guide grab it here.

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Remember to re-visit this guide over and over again. You’re going to face different “sticking points” on your journey to learning affiliate marketing.

So if one week you’re having issues with your landing pages, then review the landing page section. If you’re weak on optimization, then focus on the optimization section.

We’ve covered a lot of content – here’s a review of what you’ve learned.

  • Introduction – Why affiliate marketing is the perfect business model, and some stories from students I’ve taught.
  • What is Affiliate Marketing – The fundamentals of how affiliate marketing works, the people involved, and the pros and cons of this industry.
  • FAQ – The most common questions new affiliate marketers have, and my answers.
  • Mindsets – How to build a “millionaire mindset”, because you can have every single strategy in the world, but they are all worthless if you can’t execute them.
  • Affiliate Networks – How affiliate networks operate, what an affiliate manager is, and how to them to build your business.
  • Free vs Paid Traffic – Debunking the myth that there is “free” traffic in the first place, and why paid traffic is so much more lucrative to affiliates.
  • Traffic Sources – The best traffic sources for affiliates to run campaigns on (mobile/Facebook), and the ones to stay away from as a newbie (search, display, adult).
  • Verticals & Offers – An overview of the top CPA offers and verticals, monetization models, and how to pick your first offer/vertical.
  • Ads & Copywriting – You learned about the different ad types (text, image, hybrid, pop), headline formulas, and my biggest copywriting tips
  • Angles – You discovered that a winning angle can be worth 6 figures, how to brainstorm new angles, and how to split test them to discover the best one.
  • Landing Pages – I showed you the framework for a landing page (headline, image, testimonials, CTA etc), and I gave you the link to download my landing page checklist PDF.
  • Hosting – How to setup your domain and hosting (shared or VPS), and push your landing pages live on the internet.
  • Tracking – A complete guide to setting up your tracking software (Voluum) and a custom tracking domain.
  • Launching a Campaign – The step-by-step guide to launching now that you have your setup ready.
  • Optimizing a Campaign – What you do after you’ve launched your first campaign to get it profitable, and the top 3 variables to focus on (landing page, offer, ads/angles).
  • Newbie Strategy – Specific tips to help you launch your campaign in the most efficient way possible and avoid the most common newbie mistakes.
  • Resource Guide and Tools – What’s essential (affiliate network, traffic, hosting, and Voluum) and what’s optional (forums, spy tools, translations etc).

Remember that you need to take action. You won’t have the perspective to truly understand what I’m teaching until you run campaigns.

I remember when I first heard about affiliate marketing.

It seriously felt like a secret society. Everyone was bragging about how much money they were making, but not too many people shared information on how to get started.

I can’t blame them – why would you help create your own competition?

So I had to learn affiliate marketing the hard way. I launched campaign after campaign after campaign.

It was frustrating because I didn’t have a mentor, or a support group. In the back of my mind, I wasn’t even sure if affiliate marketing was legit.

But I persisted because I didn’t have many options to be successful. And that persistence eventually changed my life.

My goal with this guide was to make your journey a little bit easier.

If I can save you some money and save you some headaches, then writing this guide was worth it.

I’ve invested 5-figures of my own money and hundreds of hours to create this guide. If you enjoyed it then please share it with anyone you think would benefit from it!

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Do You Want More Advanced Content?

 affiliate marketing workshops

Are you craving more information?

I’ve given you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, but there’s a ton more for you to learn before you can get profitable.

Not too many people are going to give away the secrets to make $10k per day publicly on their blog 🙂

You can learn by launching campaigns over and over again, but I know some of you want to learn faster (Because time is money).

If you’re interested in learning about:

  • Case studies
  • Optimization formulas
  • Scripts, hacks, and loopholes
  • What’s really making money in 2017
  • How to build teams and systems to 10x your income
  • The tactics that super affiliates really use in campaigns
  • World class networking and masterminding with other affiliates
  • Access to exclusive insider deals I have with traffic sources and affiliate networks
  • And a ton more advanced affiliate marketing training…

Then you should check out the Super Affiliate Intensive.

Here’s what some of my past students have to say about the workshops.


Tony attended my very first AFFcelerator workshop in London 2015. After the workshop he built his first 6-figure campaign.

Check out the video for his story.


Grant was launching campaigns relentlessly, but he was losing a lot of money. After the workshop he hit his first 5 figure day (11k), and his campaigns are getting bigger in 2017.


Darwin had huge success after attending my workshop in Singapore (he’s from Australia). He went on to build 6-7 figure per day campaigns on mobile, and now he’s doing huge numbers on Facebook.

It’s a live 3-day workshop that I personally teach, along with other super affiliates I’ve taught to hit their own 10k/day campaigns.

The Super Affiliate Intensive 2018 Details

  • Location: New York City, USA
  • Date: April 20 – 22, 2018
  • Price: Variable, depending on when you sign up

(I only teach workshops once a year, and spend the rest of the year running campaigns)

I’ve run these workshops for 4 years now, and no affiliate marketing training program out there has created more millionaire affiliate marketers than mine.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then sign up for more information.

 affiliate marketing training
Learn More About the Super Affiliate Intensive

Thank You

For investing your time in the Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing. I hope it has made your journey a little bit easier.

If you have any comments, feedback, or wanna share your success, please contact me here.