Affiliate Marketing Questions

I know it’s easy to get information overload when you’re new to this. Don’t worry, it’s natural and part of the process.

You probably have tons of questions racing through your mind about affiliate marketing.

It’ll be easier for all of us if I go ahead and answer the most common questions that I see.

Is it too late for me to make money in the affiliate marketing business?

affiliate marketing business questions

I asked myself the same question back in 2008.

I thought I missed the opportunity because ringtones were starting to be regulated, Google ended Adsense arbitrage, and Yahoo Publisher Network was losing money.

And yet 2009 was the year I hit my first million-dollar profit campaigns.

Google started 8 years after Yahoo.

Apple made the iPhone a decade after smart phones started becoming popular.

Look at the graph below illustrating mobile ad spend.

Too late?

Zoom out and you can see that you’re early.

Don’t worry about being the first…focus on being the best. If you don’t think you can be successful, then you’re not going to be successful.

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now” – Proverb

5 years from now there’s going to be another generation of affiliate marketers who think…”Man I wish I started in 2018.”

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I’m not a technical person. I don’t know how to code. Can I still be successful in affiliate marketing?

the affiliate marketing business question

It’s 2018. I still don’t know how to set up websites or program. You don’t need to be a technical person in order to succeed.

“It’s not about what you know, it’s about how resourceful you are”

You can hire people off Fiverr or Upwork if you need anything.

Although being technical helps with the learning curve, it’s not the most important piece.

I’ve seen plenty of programmers and designers enter this space and couldn’t make affiliate marketing work. Programming and designing websites are not the most important skills in affiliate marketing.

Being able to plan, analyze data, optimize, and understand the bigger picture makes a bigger difference. And well, the most important skill is marketing.

Guess what…you can easily learn all of this!

But I do think it’s worth learning some basic programming like PHP and CSS.

Sometimes you might have an error on your landing pages, and you don’t want to wait 8 hours for your freelance programmer to wake up.

Here’s a FREE resource to learn: CodeAcademy

How Much Do You Need to Get Started?

I was making $35,000 USD a year at a job when I first started.

After paying my rent, bills, and loans, I barely had any money leftover to invest in affiliate marketing. I didn’t let that stop me.

I sold my Xbox and other things I didn’t need. I started writing articles for people online for $15 an article. I stayed home on the weekends to work instead of going to the clubs.

I hustled and was able to save around $500 a month. I didn’t let my excuses stop me.

I’m going to be upfront with you:

I recommend people have a budget of at least $500 a month USD to invest in their affiliate marketing business.

There are some resources you must invest in such as a tracker and a server. Everything else should be going into paying for traffic.

Keep in mind the more money you can invest into it the better.


Think about it like buying data.

If you don’t have enough money then you gotta hustle.

Stop complaining. Get a 2nd job. Freelance. You need money to invest in traffic, servers, tools, etc. All businesses require initial capital – there’s no way around it.

You know what blows my mind?

I’ve seen people quit affiliate marketing after losing $200.

Yet these are the same people that will go $50,000 in debt for a college degree and still not have a job lined up.

Affiliate marketing is low risk compared to starting any real life business. Think about how much debt people have to take on to start a restaurant (And they have a 60% failure rate after 3 years).

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How Much Money Can Affiliate Marketers make?

This is like asking a business owner “how much can you make starting a business?”

There are guys making a few hundred dollars a day to well into the five-figure daily profits. I’ve had days in the past where I’ve done over $100,000+ USD profit in a single day.

But that’s not common.

That’s like the 1% of the 1%, during the boom period.

There are so many factors that determine how much an affiliate marketer can make.

I’d say the average full-time affiliate marketing business owner can make $5k – $20k a month.

A “Super Affiliate” is someone that can do over $1.5 million USD in profit a year.

How Long Will it Take Before I’m Successful?

There are too many factors to give a definite answer.

But from my observations, it typically takes someone a few months to 2 years before the typical affiliate is successful (if they dedicate themselves to it every day).

Here are the main factors that affect your success rate.

  • How Much Money Can You Invest?
    The more you can invest the better. More money means better tools. More money means you can go to conferences and network. More money means you can collect more data for your campaigns.
  • What skill sets & experience do you already have (copywriting, design, programming)?
    You can always outsource design and programming, but I recommend you understand copywriting.
  • Do you have people helping you?
    I’m not saying you have to go out and spend money on a mentor. Are there any local affiliate meetups in your city? See if you can find anyone there to help you out. Can you connect with anyone on forums?
  • How much time are you willing to put in?
    I know you’re busy. We’re all busy. But the fact is there are people much busier than you are now that have made it work. I didn’t have a lot of time when I first started, but I made time. I was spending 1.5 hours a day in Atlanta traffic. I moved to a condo walking distance to my 9 to 5 job to save 70 minutes a day.I gave up a lot of my personal life. I didn’t party on the weekends, go on dates, or play videogames anymore. Any free time I had was dedicated to affiliate marketing.

One word of warning though, my biggest regret is that I neglected my health in the process.

I didn’t sleep as much, I had a poor diet, and I didn’t exercise.

That’s hustling backwards.

If I focused more on my health then I would’ve had more energy to work on my campaigns.

I’m not promising you’re going to be a millionaire in a few months or anything. It’s going to take time.

I had to sacrifice for a few months. But because of it, I’m living a life very few people can. I think it’s harder to spend a few decades being broke.

How Bad Do You Want it?

I’ve seen too many people “try” affiliate marketing. It’s like the flood of people who go to the gym the beginning of the year, and disappear after a few weeks.

Thousands of people will go through this course.

Most will not finish it all the way or complete any of the assignments due to laziness. This guide is not for those people.

This guide is for the 3% who truly want success. It’s not for the want-a-preneurs.

Should I Go into Credit Card Debt to Make Affiliate Marketing Work?


Don’t spend money you don’t have. That’s the sign of someone who’s impatient.

This happened to my friend a few years ago.

He had a burning desire to be successful in affiliate marketing, but he didn’t have the money to fund affiliate marketing campaigns.

He decided to put everything on his credit card because he was so sure he’d be successful.

What happened? He ended up $10,000 in debt and without a profitable campaign.

That’s not “investing”…that’s gambling.

I know you’re in a rush to be successful, but you need to learn how to be patient. Pick up some side jobs and hustle. You’ll be a lot more careful with the money.

Credit cards should only be used once you have profitable campaigns and you need the extra cash flow.

What skills does it take to become successful in affiliate marketing?

  • Problem-solving & Decision Making
  • Creativity & Marketing
  • Technical

  • People Skills
  • Data Analysis
  • Money Management
  • Productivity
  • Leadership

The good news is all these skills can be developed.

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Do I have to be Shady to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing doesn’t have the greatest reputation.

Some affiliates will promote products that are borderline shady like diet pills. Others will make deceptive promises in their ads to help make the sale.

Affiliate marketing is merely an industry. What you choose to promote and how you choose to promote it is 100% up to you.

Are there shady affiliate marketers out there? Absolutely.

But would recommending a product that you enjoy from Amazon be shady? Not really.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to make money in affiliate marketing that’s 100% legit such as lead generation, e-commerce, promoting games / apps, etc.

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Key Takeaways

It’s not too late to start in affiliate marketing.

No one can predict how long it’ll take for you to become successful. It’s dependent on you

Don’t spend money you don’t have on affiliate marketing. Be patient.