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News and Events: Affiliate Marketing News 6/28/2013


I’ve always enjoyed going to blogs to keep up with the latest industry news. There’s not as many affiliate marketing blogs as there use to be, so I’m going to step it up and share what I know.

if you haven’t already, please vote for me to win a trip to Miami. Results are very close right now so every vote counts. Vote for me because I spend hours each week giving out great content for free.


The Bevo AdExchangeRyan (aka the shipper of cheddar) has just launched a platform for real-time bidding exchange for affiliates. It looks very interesting and could help evolve the industry.


Follow.net (referral link) – This is a new tool from the masterminds behind Prosper202 (Wes Mahler and Nana Gilbert – Baffoe). It’s a browser extension that allows you to lookup information from any website. Some example data.

  • demographic of the users
  • example ads from WhatRunsWhere
  • What other websites are hosted on the server
  • Traffic trends
  • Referrals / destinations
  • etc,

The tool is free, but a paid version is coming soon. Any dedicated reader knows I’m a huge fan of competitive intelligence / reverse engineering my competition, and this is going to be a large part of my arsenal.

Some example data for pornhub.com. You can see similar websites if you want more traffic, and also a breakdown of their demographic.

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.46.43 AM
Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.47.58 AM

MobaffTracker – Need a mobile tracker? Mobaff is giving away 1 million clicks away for free. Sign up here. Tutorial videos here. I’ve worked extensively with the old version and it was great. Looking forward to trying the new one.

POFpro tools – If you’re advertising on PlentyofFish then you’ll find this tool valuable. The main benefits is ultra fast campaign creations, automating the optimization process, and easy analyzation. I spent some time checking it out the other week and it’s legit.

Meetups / Contests:

Affiliate Summit East 2013 is going to be taking place 8/18/13/-8/20/13 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. I’m not sure if I’ll be there since I’m thinking about heading back to Asia soon. If you’ve never been to a conference before then definitely go. I think Philadelphia’s a boring choice compared to NYC, but you should save a lot of money on hotel costs.

nDemand is having a contest for their affiliates for a trip to Hawaii in November. There are three ways to get your all expense trip: a) generate $55k in a month b) generate $100k in a single month c) be the top spender at PlentyofFish

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