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News and Events: Affiliate Marketing News 7/18/13

Welcome to another edition of Charles Ngo News (CNN). I wrote the first one a few weeks ago, and there’s been a lot of cool stuff happening since then.

1) WamCPC! and Yabuka Media Join forces.

From Joe Burton,

This collaboration should be exciting for any DR or Brand advertisers who need to find more traffic sources. By Yabuka and WAM working together advertisers now have access to double the inventory all through one platform at some of the lowest bids in the industry. With a major traffic source like Pulse 360 closing shop advertisers need to find alternative sources for traffic. With WAM having great sites like Weather.com, RoadRunner, WhitePages, theblaze and many others in their portfolio it’s a great alternative that gives advertisers many different kinds of sites and demographics to place ads on. Some of the best converting verticals at the moment are

Health and Beauty
Lead Generation

Also with the re-launch of our RTB platform and international traffic on the near horizon we have a fit for any advertiser, with any budget in and niche.

I don’t really wanna give out Joe’s contact info because this man has made me a lot of money the past few years. Seriously, Joe has single handedly made some guys millionaires. Relationships are key in this industry, and he’s an awesome guy. If you are interested in working with WamCPC, here is Joe’s contact information.

Email: Joe@wamnetwork.com
Phone: 941-840-0941 x 7804

p.s. did I pimp you out enough to earn some yellowtail sashimi?

2) Mobaff sells to MediaWhiz for an undisclosed amount. From what I’ve heard, Alex and most of the team will be moving to their offices in New York. He wants to leverage MediaWhiz’s resources to take Mobaff’s mobile tracking technology to the next level.

Congratulations Alex and the team. Russian, I hope this means you can upgrade your Lamborghini now.

3) Cupid PLC sells their casual dating business for $68.6 million dollars. This includes some of their business properties including Flirt.com and Benaughty.com. It will be interesting to see what happens as Flirt and Benaughty are some amazing offers in the casual dating space.

4) Adsimilis is having their 2013 Meetup in Ibiza, Spain! If you’ve never heard of Ibiza before, it’s basically the party capital of the world. Top 2 revenue generators, Top 2 % increase over increase, and most revenue in a Spanish offer get an all expense paid trip.

Step 1) fly to Ibiza. Step 2) Find out who the top 2 revenue generators are Step 3) They are probably your biggest competition in adult dating, get them drunk and find out their secrets.

5) Neverblue is having their next out of bounds contest in Rio De Janiero, Brazil! Neverblue has really stepped up their out of bounds contests. The past few contests I was thinking to myself, “Man…I don’t want to go hiking in the mountains with a bunch of nerds.” But now they have really stepped up their game with locations like like Thailand and Brazil.

6) Tom Fang who created PoFpro has a new product coming out soon for the adult dating vertical called AdultAdsPro. It’s basically going to be a tool that makes it easier for affiliates to launch and optimize campaigns. So far they have Exoclick onboard and are working towards integrating more adult traffic sources. Reserve your spot for beta testing and get that edge over your competition.

7) There’s a lawsuit against Eagle Web Assets for not paying affiliates. Death, taxes, and some affiliate networks aren’t going to pay out. I’ve been stiffed before by different networks and well, it sucks. I hope this situation resolves amicably for everyone.

8) I will not be attending Affiliate Summit East this year It’s definitely a great conference and worth going to, but I’m making some other plans around that time. Affiliate Summit passes always sell out, so don’t procrastinate and get yours today. 

9) Aaron Kelly is a lawyer who specializes in internet marketing laws and has agreed to answer any questions related to internet marketing law.

If you’re doing some shady stuff and don’t know your laws, take advantage of this opportunity. Leave any questions you want to be answered in the comments and I’ll relay them over to him.