My Affiliate World: Europe Journey [Video]

Written by Charles Ngo
Written by Charles Ngo

I just spent an amazing week at Affiliate World Europe in Berlin!
The first Affiliate World was in Bangkok Dec 2015, and they added in Europe to the mix.
Me and my team put together a quick video showing my journey.

I wish I could’ve captured more footage – I’ll make sure to bring more camera guys next time.
I’m working with a new video editor now and he’s a badass. These videos are only going to get better and better.
*Note: Here’s my video for Affiliate World Asia last year
Once again I spoke at Affiliate World. I did a 25-minute speech at the conference and feedback was amazing.
Thanks to AW for giving me a platform to drop bombs – it’s really an honor to speak at this event.
What surprised me the most about AW is how fast they improve.
Here are some noticeable improvements I’ve seen compared to AW Asia:
1. Breakout Sessions
Breakout sessions are a new addition! They happen in the smaller rooms and are designed to be different from the stages. They’re longer and more interactive.
2. Great Speakers
Adding in Drew Eric Whitman and Neil Patel was a great choice. They have amazing brands, and their topics were relevant to affiliate marketers.
3. Booth Consistency
It’s a pain in the ass to transport booth material. The AW conference added in booth consistency so advertisers don’t have to ship their stuff around the world.
4. Outside Parties
There were a ton of parties at AW. That was a major vibe missing from the last one.
I did an epic party with Mpire network! We packed the place out. Check out the photos here and tag yourself.
5. Extended the Meet Market to two days
This was great. It added more value to the sponsors and put less pressure for affiliates to fit in all the meetings in one day.
Affiliate World: Asia has been announced for Bangkok Dec 5, 6. You know your boy Ngo is going to attend. Business write off to come to Bangkok? No brainer.
Protip…buy your tickets early. I don’t get why some of you guys procrastinate and end up paying 3x more by buying at the last second.
Also a big shoutout to the behind the scenes people that help put an event like this together. The backstage managers, the designers, logistics, booking, etc.
So much work gets put into an event like this that no one sees.
The big question is…when will Affiliate World: America come?

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                The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

The posts published by Charles are prepared and analyzed, including the author’s own experience…

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