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Affiliate Networks and Offers: AFFJobs.com – a Secret Weapon To Building Your Dream Team

There are multiple pains when it comes to being an affiliate marketer.

The first pain is understanding this crazy space.

The second pain is getting your campaigns profitable.

And just because you’re profitable doesn’t mean the problems stop. Now you have to deal with the hassle of being a one-man operation.

What hassles?

There’s a limit to how many campaigns you can run. That means you won’t be as diversified, and that you’re letting opportunities slip through on a daily basis.

You’re doing everything: copywriting, finances, relationships, optimizing bids, etc. By being a jack of all trades, you don’t master anything.

And by doing everything you’re not focusing on the 80 / 20 of your business.

It reminds me of the statistic that so many amazing chefs fail at starting a restaurant. One of the reasons why is because they insist on doing everything.

They shouldn’t be in the back cooking.

They should be developing recipes and training other people to cook. They should spend their time on the more important parts of their business: marketing, strategy, hiring, etc.

You know deep down you should build a team, but the thought of it stresses you out.

Where are you suppose to find someone? What if they steal your campaigns? What if this person can’t do the job as good as me?

But despite all these objections, you know deep down you gotta jump.

Facebook wouldn’t be as big as it is if Mark insisted on programming everything himself.

To grow your business, you need to hire entrepreneurial talent that matches your drive and ambition. That have actual affiliate experience and understands how stuff goes down.

But when I need an affiliate marketer or a media buyer to join my team, a serious team member, hiring seriously sucks.

Let’s focus on one problem today…where to actually find people?

Hiring in this Industry is a Pain in the Ass

The first place you go to is probably friends or family. Your campaigns are your baby and you don’t want to trust anything to strangers.

In my experience, it’s high risk and low reward.

Friends or family aren’t the most qualified people. And on top of that, there’s all the drama that happens if things don’t work out.

I’ve tried posting on Linkedin. It under-delivers and is expensive (you pay for every damn listing click).

You’re competing with all the big brands and corporations, so the price for listings in the affiliate industry will be driven upwards.

Hiring freelancers from sites like Upwork can have its advantages, don’t get me wrong.

But you have to go through a lot of dirt to find the diamonds there. And you have to fork out an additional 20% fee on top of their pay rate.

And if you’re thinking of hiring off of Craigslist…lol.

It’s a struggle to even get to my golden rule of interviewing at least three quality candidates.

I don’t have time to scour forums to promote listings, spamming my masterminds and contacts, post ads on different job boards and keeping up with notifications from each platform.

“John Smithenson has very briefly, half-viewed your job listing and is mildly interested – interview now!”

What about headhunters and hiring agencies?

Big mistake. Hiring is one of the most important skill sets you can develop. Using a headhunter or an agency is putting a band-aid on the problem.

Where can you go to hire people who are familiar with the affiliate marketing space?

  • Experienced affiliates who have spent over $1 million on campaigns.
  • Sales managers who have brokered 1000’s of deals.
  • Or a passionate junior media buyer who is determined to learn and work hard under my wing. To become a Mini-me.

And I want to find these sorts of hires with minimal fuss. As efficiently as possible. Time = money after all.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – one good hire can outweigh 3 bad ones.

And one good media buyer could be your ticket to early retirement.

The Quest to Find Ngo Jr.


I’ve experienced it all in this industry. Both the good and the hires with deep, deep regrets.

Here are some key mistakes to avoid:

  • Hiring somebody because they’re your friend: It can work, but you should hold them to the same standards as a random. You have to make sure they respect your authority.
  • Have clear guidelines: You must know exactly what you want from the person before you can work out whether they can deliver. This means establishing a scorecard or KPI’s for the position.
  • Don’t settle for the first person you find: Maybe they tick all the boxes. But don’t stop interviewing until you’re absolutely sure.

    I’ve hired average people out of desperation before, and I’ve regretted it each time. It ends up not working out and you just wasted three months.

    It’s better to spend an extra month or two to find that right person.
  • Do your due diligence: Anyone can lie on paper. Contact references. Review their job history online – do they check out?

    Why not give them some tasks to check their competency?
  • Remember – personality is just a vital as experience: do they fit your company culture? Are they communicable? I like to involve a current team member in the interview process as they’re the ones working together day to day. But don’t be afraid to hire someone you’ve never met.

When I’m reviewing candidates, I read through their cover letter with a fine-toothed comb.

How are their communication skills? Is their English fluent enough for my Sales position? Or do they actually seem like they can generate sick, creative campaign ideas?

I’m looking thoroughly through their resume. Do they have the necessary experience? Are they passionate about the industry? Have they attended industry events or engaged forums?

More often than not I’m inundated with half-ass resumes. They’re generic, clearly have been used for 100 various positions and offer no personality or creativity.

It sucks.

But the biggest bane of my life is having to organize applications for positions I’m looking to fill.

Dozens and dozens of resumes, tons of emails back and forward, interviews need scheduling, notes on candidates saved somewhere on my phone, iPad, and Macbook.

Sh*t gets messy. Real quick.

It’s difficult to remember who is who.

There’s only one place where you find real affiliate entrepreneurs. The superstar ninja hire you’ve been longing for.

A comprehensive, affiliate industry-specific recruitment platform has been long overdue.

Finally, There is an Answer: AFFjobs.com

Brought to you by the team behind STM Forum, Affiliate World Conferences, and iStack Training.

Affjobs is now the centralized platform for hiring in the affiliate industry.

It’s the first place I’ll look to hire anyone in the future.

You get to reap the exposure of a job platform delivered by some of the biggest brands in the Performance Marketing industry – STM Forums and Affiliate World Conferences.

This is how you’ll land:

  • Experienced media buyers who have spent over $100 million in adspend.
  • Find real online entrepreneurs to help grow your business.
  • Marketers who know the affiliate industry inside-out.
  • Access a diverse range of talent from 60+ countries – perfect for running a remote company like me

Affjobs is Literally the Easiest Way to Hire in the Industry

The interface is super clean. It’s easy to post a job listing with only a few clicks.

Candidates can create professionally designed resumes on Affjobs. Making it easier for you to view, compare and organize applications.

Take control and streamline your hiring process with the built-in Affjobs Candidate Organizer, this keeps applications in check.

Sort candidates efficiently by who you want to reject, interview and then hire. Sync crucial notes on one account.

And Affjobs guarantees you avoid sneaky recruitment fees.

Hire with confidence.

Start hiring the talent your company desires. What are you waiting for?

The secret code to save 50% off your first job listing

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How about Finding a Job in the Affiliate Industry?

I met a couple a few years ago that had a problem.

They quit their corporate jobs to try to become full-time affiliate marketers. But they weren’t having a lot of success and their savings were getting low.

That’s when I suggested they get a job in the industry. One of them is now an affiliate manager and his wife is a media buyer for a company.

Although they’re not full-time affiliate marketers yet, they are learning so much about the industry and campaigns.

Let’s be honest. Not every newbie affiliate scores a home run on their first attempt.

Most affiliates start running campaigns on the side of a 9-5 job.

This is great, but why not land an industry job that will unlock doors for you?

That will help you to become a self-employed affiliate marketer?

Why not work as an Affiliate Manager for a respected Affiliate Network or work under the wing of a Super Affiliate?

Learn from the inside, out.

And best of all – you have a secure income. And more money to play around with launching campaigns on the side.

My first job, after all, was for a marketing agency.

I loved the job. I experienced playing with Google Adwords for the first time without burning a hole in my pocket!

You won’t earn $0 in April because your offers just randomly paused, or have to deal with networks not paying out on time.

Have the best of both worlds – learn from the industry’s best and earn secure income.

This is literally the easiest, most effective way to find affiliate industry jobs.

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