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Mobile Marketing: 9 Mobile Marketing Questions Answered by Alexander Tsatkin

I’ve been getting tons of emails and questions lately on mobile marketing so I’m going to try and provide more content in this area. Mobile marketing isn’t the “future”, it’s here now. 

I’ve personally seen many newbies go from $0 to $1k+ a day profit the past few months through mobile alone. Tired of doing adult dating, or are you tired of getting your Facebook accounts banned? Then look no further than mobile marketing. Not only are tons of guys banking on it now, but it’s only going to grow. 

I’ve brought in mobile marketing expert, Alexander Tsatkin (also known by the community as The Angry Russian) to answer some questions about mobile marketing. I’ve worked with him extensively in the mobile field, and he’s one of my go to guys when I have a question on mobile.  

1. For the people who don’t who are you are, could you give us some information on your background in the industry?


My name is Alexander Tsatkin, a.k.a. “The Angry Russian.” I’ve been in the affiliate space for more than seven years. I’ve done it all, from working as a full-time affiliate, tracking company, advertiser, and affiliate network. My latest venture, MobAff, combined all of my professional experiences into a mobile performance network.

2. Your affiliate network, MobAff, was recently acquired by Matomy Media Group. What benefits and resources does Matomy bring to the table?

As a smaller player, everything was more difficult for us at MobAff since we didn’t have the leverage we now have from being part of a bigger company (Matomy Media Group). Now, we have access to more inventory, more publishers and, most importantly, more advertisers. There are definite economies of scale that wouldn’t be possible if we stayed independent.

3. Your team at MobAff developed a mobile tracker, the Mobaff Tracker. There are other mobile trackers on the market. What makes your tracker different or better than the others?

We’ve been working on our tracking technology since the very beginning. We are now three years into development and have overcome many issues that plague other platforms. Our No. 1 focus has always been to make campaign setup as quick and intuitive as possible by using affiliate network APIs and ad network templates.

We were the first to feature the post-click redirect feature in our platform to help manage many offers with one redirect.

Currently, we are leveraging what we learned from building and optimizing MobAff Tracker to help make Mobit (Matomy’s tracking solution) the leading platform to help affiliates grow their business.

Screenshots provided by Alex of the Tracker





4. I’m sure you know that the Google Play store is banning apps that a place ads in the notification bar, a.k.a. push ads. The traffic sources most affected by this change are Airpush and Leadbolt, which are used heavily by affiliates. Do you think these companies are done for, or will they be able to adapt?


They will adapt. As an example, let’s look at Airpush . It has always been a leader in new ad units and continues the trend with its recent acquisition of Hubbl.

As long as it continues to innovate and build new mobile advertising experiences it will be able to survive the turmoil.

5. Christopher asks: “Have you had much experience with mobile and buying traffic directly from publishers? Do you have any advice on mobile media buying?

Direct mobile media buying is still one of my favorite ways to scale campaigns. Ad networks and exchanges can be very fickle. It’s difficult to maintain profitability when there are so many variables at play. When you buy direct it’s much easier to control these variables and have a more sustainable campaign over time.

I’ve had the most success buying from mobile sites, but some apps have developed legitimate ad sales teams that are used for traditional insertion order media buys.

One tip is to forget about trying to find a mobile ad server. Simply send in your creative assets and tracking links and have the placement traffic them directly through their system.

6a. Any suggestions for best practices in developing mobile landing pages? It seems more difficult than the typical web landing page because you have to account for different phone screen sizes.

Mobile landing pages don’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple and make sure to have a few phones around to test it yourself.

I try NOT to incorporate touch or other smartphone elements when building a mobile landing page. The three things I concentrate on are the following:

  1. Make sure the submit fields are easy to read and simple to fill out. They should prompt the keyboard to pop up when a user clicks on a field.
  2. Remove all extraneous code and minimize images to make the page load as fast as possible.
  3. Ensure all buttons and calls to actions are easy to click on.

Lastly, here’s a piece of code I use that makes the pages look better on mobile.

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no” />

6b. Are there any programs you use or do you guys code it by hand?

Matomy Media Group has a creative department that really understands performance and builds us terrific banners and landing pages. Their services are available, at no cost, to all qualified publishers that drive revenue. Contact your Matomy account manager to learn more about this service.

7. You know I have to ask this Alex: What offers are currently working now in mobile?

I know you’re going to hate this answer but it depends on your traffic source of choice.

We’ve had the most success thinking beyond English-speaking countries and focusing on Asia and LATAM.

In terms of categories, we like utility apps for Android. This includes battery booster, anti-virus, phone finder and more. These apps range from pure CPI to PSMS.

8. I’m sure many people will want to give mobile a try after reading this interview. What do you think are the biggest mistakes people make in approaching mobile, when their background is in web traffic?

They don’t track mobile-specific data, including carrier, handset and operating system. Sometimes just tweaking that targeting can take you from zero to hero.

9. How can my readers get in contact with you and your team if they would like to work with you?

  1. Here’s the link to signup
  2. Let me know how serious you are about mobile and your experience level.
  3. Get your hands dirty and start testing offers.

Success in mobile isn’t easy but is very gratifying once you get the hang of it. The benefits of mobile are numerous: It’s a fast-growing marketplace; barrier to entry is higher; there is less campaign theft than other channels; less testing budget to see if an offer converts; dozens of traffic vendors to partner with; new advertisers entering the space; and so on.

Run Offers with Matomy

I look forward to working with your readers in the future!

Charles Ngo: Thank you Alex for your time! I am sure my readers have learned quite a bit from this.