Charles Ngo Articles

Charles Ngo Articles

                  This page shares my best articles on affiliate marketing, business, productivity, and more. If you find these articles valuable, then sign up for my newsletter. I’m much more active over email these days.

This page shares my best articles on affiliate marketing, business, productivity, and more. If you find these articles valuable, then sign up for my newsletter. I’m much more active over email these days.

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Losing Money? How to Troubleshoot a Marketing Campaign

The whole point of a campaign is to become profitable.

You’re investing your money into a machine (your campaign). Hopefully, that machine spits out enough money for you to earn a profit.

It sounds simple enough, but most of the time these campaigns don’t start making money immediately.

Effective Spending: Where to Cut Costs and Where to Invest

“You can’t buy it - it’s not on sale.”

I put the shirt back on the rack in disappointment.

I wanted some back to school clothes from Polo Ralph Lauren. 13-year-old me wanted to look cool with one of those tiny horse logos on my shirt.

My mom wasn’t on board.

“Is it on sale?”

What I’ve Learned About Happiness

We're going through a mental health crisis.

According to a 2016 study, 17% of millennials suffer from depression. 14% of them suffer from anxiety.

That study is from several years ago.

What do you think is going to happen to those numbers due to the Pandemic?

The 6 Best Tools to Discover Business Trends in 2020

"You know it's time to sell when shoeshine boys give you stock tips"

This is a famous quote in the stock market. It means when everyone's talking about a subject; then it becomes too popular for its own good.

I knew I should've sold Crypto when my uber drivers and barber started talking about their portfolio. Everything crashed a week later!

The Productivity Flywheel: a System For You to Exponentially Get More Done

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but we all have different results in life.

This imbalance fascinated me growing up.

I remember everyone telling me that hard work was the secret to success. But my mom worked two jobs when I was growing up, and we didn’t grow up rich.

She Said Yes! Go Behind the Scenes of My Surprise Proposal

If you read my “Turning 35” year old post last month, you might’ve remembered reading about my doubts about proposing and getting married.

  Surprise, surprise...I’m engaged!

  The truth is that I’ve been planning to propose to my girlfriend, Fiorella, for the past six months.

Turning 35 – Thoughts on Leaving Affiliate Marketing, and Life

I turned 35 a few days ago.

Where did the time go? Has it been five years since I wrote my 30th birthday blog post?

I've read so many books that encourage us to think long term - we should look ten or even twenty years into the future. What's the big vision?

Affiliate Marketing Black Friday Deals – 2019 Edition

Alright, hopefully, you survived the Turkey coma and maybe your crazy in-laws.

Thanksgiving’s over, and it’s time for Black Friday!

You know me, I love saving money. But I’m not into waiting in line at Best Buy at 4am, or the possibility of being trampled so Karen can get her Big Screen TV.

My 10 Favorite Things I Bought This Year for Under $100

I’m always on the hunt for items that can make my life more productive and convenient. Is it worth $70 to permanently increase the quality of your sleep for the rest of your life?

I think so.

So here’s a list of items that I’ve bought this year that have improved my quality of life, and are worth the price.

How to Place a Tracking Pixel When the Advertiser Won’t Allow You to

If you want to run profitable online campaigns, then being able to track your data is essential. It’s how you can tell which of your ads, landing pages, and targeting converts the best.

Not tracking your data is like driving across the country without a map or GPS. You'll have no idea if you're heading in the right direction.

There are multiple ways to track a campaign.

Want to Get Rich Quickly? Here are Your Frameworks

For the past several years, it seems like every week I get a question from someone asking “how to get rich quick.”

"How can I be a millionaire within the next two years."


You’ll see these guys in affiliate forums declaring that they want to make $10,000 a day within a few months.

How to Get Accepted into an Affiliate Network

You’re new to affiliate marketing, and you’re ready to get your campaigns started. You’ve done your research, and applied to a few affiliate marketing networks.

You sent in the applications. A few days go by and you hear nothing. 

Finally a response!

Oops...your application has been rejected. Every single network doesn’t want to work with you.

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