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News and Events: The Affiliate Summit West 2014 Party List


Affiliate Summit West is coming up soon!

Every veteran knows that the real network and fun happens at night. I’ve put together a list of parties that I’m aware of. There’s definitely tons of private events that I didn’t list so contact your affiliate managers to see if their company’s throwing anything.

If I didn’t include your event, then please contact me and I’ll add it right away.

Most of these events are going to be sausage fests, but what do you expect in an industry that’s 98% male?

Sunday 1/12/2013

Sunday is PACKED with a bunch of parties at roughly the same time.  

Name: VIP Football Sunday
Main Sponsors: Crushads, BMI Elite, Healthy America Group, Carbon Chat, Swole
Details: 1pm. Lagasse’s Stadium at Palazzo. 
Notes: Looks awesome if you’re into football.

Name: StackThatMoney Breaks Bad
Main Sponsors: F5Media
5pm-8pm at the Palms.
Here. It’s for their members so I’ve linked to the forum thread.
Breaking Bad Theme!

Name: The Mailer Meetup
Main Sponsors: SocietyInvite, Intimate Interactive
Details: 6pm-9pm. Doesn’t seem to be a location listed.
RSVP: Here
Notes: For active e-mailers. Definitely going to be a lot of dudes rocking ponytails

Name: MVP’s at the Palms
Main Sponsors: Convert2Media, Chargeback911, Cake
Details: Starts 9PM. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa.
RSVP: Here

Name: Party Like MVP’s
Main Sponsors: Dedicated Media
Details: 9pm-12pm. Sky Villa at Palms Place. meet Market Table #926 if you want to pick up a pass
RSVP: Here

Name: Affplaybook Party
Main Sponsors: Affplaybook, Ads4Dough, Beyond Hosting
Details: 7pm at Palm’s Place.
RSVP: Here
Notes: Baller cookies

Name: Tech Generation Event
Main Sponsors: Hitpath, Liquid Data
Details: 7pm-11pm, Backstage Bar & Billards
RSVP: Here

Name: SuperHeroes vs SuperVillains
Main Sponsors: Shareasale
Details: Start at 8pm at Chateau Nightclub (Paris Hotel)
RSVP: Bring ASW Badge, or pickup invitation at meet market table #930 on Sunday
Notes: Holy shit this is going to be the greatest night in Zac Johnson‘s life.

Name: Badger Ball
Main Sponsors: Above all Others, a bunch of others
Details: 10pm-3am, Koi Lounge at Planet Hollywood
RSVP: Here
Notes: Gay webmasters.

Name: 4th Gear Vegas Mastermind
Main Sponsors:  4th gear media
Details: 9pm at Bellagio Penthouse Suite
RSVP: Here
Notes: Open to public but you gotta know someone at the network.

Monday 1/13/2013

Name: Adsimilis Happy Hour
Main Sponsors:
Details: 3pm-6pm at Cosmopolitan
RSVP: Contact your aff manager for the Facebook RSVP page.

Name: Neverblue Cocktails
Main Sponsors: Neverblue, Globalwide, Pulse Mobile
Details: 5-7pm Sugarfactory’s Chocolate Lounge, at Paris Hotel.
RSVP: Contact your affiliate manager for an invitation

Name: The Ngo / Clickdealer.com Party
Main Sponsors: Clickdealer
Details: 6pm-9pm at the Nobu Hotel inside Caesars Palace
RSVP: Closed. The hotel’s informed us that we’ve gone way over the max capacity of the # ppl allowed.
Details: You already know

Name: Affiliate Ball
Main Sponsors: SocietyInvite, iBallers (seriously?), IMGrind
Time: 10pm – 1am at Chateau Nightclub (Paris Hotel)
Details: There’s an affiliate ball thrown at every affiliate summit. It’s usually a nightclub and features an old school rapper. This time they have Flava Flav hosting the event, with performances by B Real from Cyprus Hill and Too $hort

Name: Industry Legends Unite
Time: 9pm – 2am at Tao Nightclub (The Venetian Hotel)
Main Sponsors: Clickbooth and a bunch of others.
RSVP: Here 
Details: They’ve rented out Tao nightclub and invited some rappers to perform: Warren G, Tone Loc, 2 Live Crew, Young MC, and V.I.C.

My Plans

I’m flying in Saturday Afternoon and leaving on Tuesday night. I’ll be staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

I’m not attending the actual conference / meet market. I’ve been to so many conferences in the past that it’s not really worth it for me anymore. When I’m at ASW I’m more focused on networking at the parties, private meetings with people I work with, and doing my thing at Hakkasan / XS.

If you see me at the conference then please say hi. Don’t be shy man, I don’t have titties and I am a nerd just like you. It might be a while before I attend another event so I wanna meet as many readers as possible.

I’m going to tweets where I am / where I’m going so make sure you follow me on twitter

Looking forward to meeting everyone.