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News and Events: The Ngo / Clickdealer 2014 Party Recap and Pictures!

The 2014 Ngo / Clickdealer.com party was a MASSIVE SUCCESS! Here are a few pictures, and I share my thoughts on the party at the end.


We served sushi from Nobu restaurant. This guy’s not a Korean or Chinese guy pretending to be Japanese, he is a master chef straight from Japan!


Live body painting demonstration. (Hnnnghh)


 Their favorite affiliate network 😉


The party was packed!



We had a magician strolling around


The cuzzo holding it down


holy shet, it’s epic beard marketer!


Speech time!

Me and my brothers, Ebby, Alex, and Mr Lifestyle Entrepreneur Jesse Krieger!



We actually had two photographers at the party, but one of the photographers just had all his equipment stolen (car window smashed) :-(.

If you took pictures at the party and they’re not in the album, then unfortunately they are gone. I’m sorry this happened to you bro, and I appreciate your time and efforts in taking pics.

The good news is we’re in the process of editing a video of the party and it’ll be available in February!

Behind the Scenes

So how did this party come about?

After ASW 2013, I had messages from people who wanted to meet me but we never bumped into each other. At a conference I’m super busy with my own meetings and private parties, so for 2014 I wanted to arrange a meet and greet.

I wanted to throw a laid back event near the conference in the daytime, but after polling twitter and my Facebook page, everyone wanted a full-fledged party. It would be a lot of work to commit to one, and it would suck if I planned something large and no one showed up. But when you feel uncomfortable about doing something, then look at it as an opportunity for growth.

If I was going to throw a party then I would need some sponsors since these events are $$$. The first people I thought of was the affiliate network Clickdealer.com.

I have good relationships with pretty much everyone in the industry, but I wanted to work with them for a few reasons

  1. They are a good network and I’ve done a lot of work with them this year. If I’m going to co-promote an event with someone, I have to make sure it’s a company I believe in.
  2. They’ve never thrown a party before. A lot of affiliate networks throw ASW parties every year, and I didn’t want to just attach my name to a party and be a “promoter.” I wanted to organize and design the event from the ground up.
  3. They have money and gave a large budget for the party. This was my first event and I wanted to go HAM!

Planning the party was very smooth because Clickdealer assigned a committee to help me out.

The most disappointing part of the event is that I had to close the guest list 2 weeks before the event. You can look at the pictures that the room was packed, and at peak hours there was a 50 person line downstairs trying to get into the party.

I’m sorry for anyone that couldn’t get on the guest list, but understand that the place seriously couldn’t fit anymore people even though we rented the largest penthouse. (next time sign up early).

The Party

Feedback for the party was amazing. It seriously turned out better than I imagined.

Many guys were telling me it was their favorite party of ASW and they did a lot of great networking. I got to meet tons of blog readers that I wouldn’t have gotten to known if we didn’t throw this event.

It was a truly international event because I had friends visiting from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, etc. That’s what I love about the ASW conference, it brings everyone from all over the world together.

Now that it’s over I’m super happy because I don’t have to stress about it anymore. I want people to know that if I commit to something, I will work my ass off and make sure it’s quality.

I don’t know if there will be another one because I wanted this to be a one time event, but you never know.

Thanks again to the Clickdealer team who helped organize the party (Dmitry, Roman, Alexander).

If you want to run dating / mobile / etc. then I highly recommend signing up with the network. (Tell them Ngo sent you)

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