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News and Events: Affiliate Summit West 2015 Wrapup

Affiliate Summit West is a conference that happens once a year in Las Vegas. This is the BIG one and people fly in from all over the world for this.

This was my 5th time coming to Affiliate Summit West so I knew what to expect. Each year I go to the clubs, network with other affiliates, meet some networks / advertisers, and maybe gamble a bit. Not only is it great for business and fun, but it’s a once a year opportunity to see some affiliate friends.

This year was much more calm for me. Instead of being a degenerate the whole time, I decided to organized a 4 hour public seminar with ClickDealer & AdsBridge. Last year we threw an epic party, and I wanted to switch it up by hosting a mini-workshop.

I’ll give a quick breakdown of each day. Sorry but there’s not too many pictures from this year. I was kinda “in the zone” the entire ASW.

Saturday, Day 1

I flew in Saturday afternoon and checked into the Cosmopolitan hotel. Even though the conference is held at Paris, most private meetings are held around the Cosmopolitan. It’s also a nice place to stay at if you plan on spending time at Club Marquee.

I booked my room 6 months ago and got them for $230 each night. It surprises me when people book last minute and pay $700 for the same room. You know when ASW is each year so just book early and save some cash. I think next year I’ll probably book the Aria to switch it up.

After I checked in, I invited my friends Benjamin, Joe, Rio, and Bryan out for a dinner at Craftsteak (considered the best Steak in Vegas, recommended).  These guys do not let me pay for anything when I visit Asia, so I wanted to repay the favor a bit.


Some networks invited me to their tables at XS, Marquee, and The Light that night. I stayed in to get some rest and work on my presentation instead.

Sunday, Day 2

I went to private meetings all day.

There isn’t much business talk during these meetings because I can talk business on Skype or on the phone. When I’m meeting someone in person it’s all about building that relationship and getting to know each other on a personal level.

In the afternoon I went to a special meetup for Facebook advertisers. I made some great connections and picked up some knowledge on how everyone’s navigating the filthy world of Facebook ads.

Sunday night is always packed full of parties. Yea it’s a lot of sausages but what do you expect in a male dominated industry.

I started by heading to Palms Place for the AFFplaybook / GrabAds party. You know what to expect each year: it’s in the same place, has cookies, and has a great vibe for holding a conversation.

Next I went to StackThatMoney party and I was blown away by how good it was. They rented out the Ghost Bar at the Palms.

Holy shit I felt like a big deal. I was literally getting stopped every 10 seconds by someone to talk or to take a selfie. I had at least twenty people tell me that I literally changed their lives.

That’s what this is all about. I don’t do it for the “fame”, the money, or the glory. It brings some fulfillment to my life knowing I’ve helped people out.

Everyone went to Hakkasan right after for the C2M party, but I went back to my hotel room to prepare for the speech. Trust me I wanted to come out and have some fun, but I always put duty first.

Monday, Day 3

This was the big day. I wake up 5am to work on the presentation some more. I like to be overprepared for anything I do.

My ninja Thanh Pham (AsianEfficiency.com) flew into Vegas just to hear my speech. I practice parts of my speech on him for a few hours in the morning. I took a shower, suited up, and off I went to Caesars palace.

800+ RSVP’ed for the event. The largest crowd I’d spoken to before this was only 200’ish. I hadn’t spoken in over half a year so you can imagine I was a little bit nervous

The room was huge. I’d never held a speaking event at ASW before so I decided to just book the largest room I could.

As soon as I got on the stage all my nerves went away. One thing that helped me was going to the audience before the seminar started, and shaking hands with everyone.

I realized that everyone was on my side and cheering for me. There’s no reason to be nervous because we’re all friends. Everyone knows my story, my struggle, and how hard I worked to put this together.

I killed the presentation! Feedback was amazing. Tons of knowledge bombs shared on ads, angles, landing pages, mobile, optimization, what’s hot in 2015, and much more. (There aren’t any recordings of the presentation)

Maybe 60% of material that I shared during the seminars in Asia, but there was a LOT of new information. I don’t think you’ll find any negative feedback on the presentation.

I was nervous towards the end.

Everyone knows I have a training program AFFcelerator launching soon, and I decided to share some information on what it is. Every time I’ve marketed in the past it has been anonymously behind a landing page. It’s a different ballgame when you’re standing in front of an audience and pitching. It takes a lot of balls.

I was worried maybe people would boo, or people would get up and walk away. None of that happened. I opened signups for the training program, and there was a herd of people RUSHING to sign up. I had no idea it was going to do that well.

I’ve been giving information away free for years. And you know what? I’m STILL going to keep writing and keep sharing because that’s who I am. But I’ve been running campaigns for 7 years, and it’s great to have a new challenge.

Information, cities, and details will be shared online next month. There’s still a lot of backend work to do before I launch it to the world. Anyone that is interested in joining should be on the AFFcelerator.com email list.

I want to thank my sponsors Clickdealer and AdsBridge once again. I asked them to sponsor me because they are generous with their budgets, easy to work with, and they have amazing reputations in the industry. You know we’re going to do something big next year!

I felt great to finally have this weight lifted off my shoulder, and now I could properly enjoy the rest of ASW.

After the event was over I had dinner at barMasa. Surprisingly, it was the first time I’ve ever eaten Uni which is Sea Urchin. It’s a good dish but not something I’m gonna go out my way to get.

After dinner was over I headed to the Cosmo to get interviewed for a documentary. If you haven’t heard, STM and The Angry Russian are producing a movie called “The Angle.” They go around the world interviewing affiliate marketers to hear their story.

I was interviewed for around 25’ish minutes. Part of it was my background, but there also some deeper questions. I’m not gonna spoil anything for you, but this movie’s going to be good when it comes out!

Later that night I went to Marquee. My friend had a sick Bungalow. Basically it’s a 3 story villa that connects directly to the back of Marquee club. You can go in and out of the club.

Afterwards my degenerate friends dragged me to spearmint Rhino. I swear EVERYTIME I go to the strip club I always get approached by Asian strippers. It’s like come on, you know how many Asian titties I have seen in my life. Bring on the latinas and eastern europeans.


I mentioned in my speech that there are two different types of people that come to ASW.

The first group are the ones who treat ASW like a vacation. They do drugs, they party too much, they gamble, etc. A few weeks later they have nothing to show from attending the conference. They’re going to be in the exact position they were before.

The second group are the winners. They focus on networking and learning. AFTER the conference is over they use that motivation to take action.

Which one are you?

I wanted to show a behind the scenes look at what I was thinking during ASW. I am confident, but I still go through fears and self-doubt sometimes. It’s normal to be scared. Greatness comes from being scared, and using that energy to push you forward.

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.


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